Class 3 English Unit 19 Occupations

Occupations Lessons 1 – 2

Fill up the blanks with a suitable word :
a) A farmers grows .
b) A  helps people.
c) A pilot flies a .
d) A  makes metal things.
Ans. a) food b) doctor c) plane d) blacksmith.
 Rewrite the following sentences with the correct form of verb :
a) A farmer  food. (grow)
b) A doctor  people. (help)
c) A pilot  a plane. (fly)
d) A blacksmith  metal things. (make)
Ans. a) grows b) helps c) flies d) makes.

Occupations Lessons 3 – 5

Fill up the blanks :
a) A cobbler mends .
b) A  makes clothes.
c) A driver  a bus.
d) A teacher teaches at .
Ans. a) shoes b) tailor c) drives d) school.

 Make sentence with the following words :
cobbler, tailor, driver, teacher
Cobbler : A cobbler mends shoes.
Tailor : A tailor makes clothes.
Driver : A driver drives a bus.
Teacher : A teacher teaches at school.

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