Class 3 English Unit 23 What do they do?

What do they do? Lessons 1 – 3

Read the text and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4:

I’m a cat. In the morning, I’m lazy and slow. I get up late. In the afternoon, I’m active. I catch rats. I’m quick! I’m a clean animal. I wash myself every day.

  1. Write the answer on the answer paper:
  2. i) The cat is a ¾¾. b

A    slow animal  B    clean animal

C     dirty animal  D late animal

  1. ii) The cat catches ¾¾. c

A    balls     B    cow

C rats     D frog

iii)   “I wash myself.” Here ‘I’ means ¾¾.   d

A    the rat    B    the animals

C the cow   D the cat

  1. iv) In the afternoon, I’m active. How many punctuations are in the sentence?                         c

A    1      B    2

C 3      D 4

  1. v) The cat gets up ¾¾. d

A early    B    quick

C     fast     D late

  1. vi) How is the cat in the morning? d

A    active    B    slow

C lazy     D lazy and slow

vii)  In the afternoon, the cat is ¾¾.       a

A    active    B    quick

C slow     D lazy

viii) The ¾¾ is quick.                              b

A    rat     B    cat

C cow     D goat

  1. ix) When does the cat wash itself ? a

A    every night  B    in the morning

C every day  D in every monday

  1. x) The text is about ¾¾. a

A    a cat     B    a rat

C myself    D animals

  1. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B :
Column A Column B
a)   Morning

b)  Slow

c)   Late

d)  Active

e)   Wash

1)    not fast.

2)    busy.

3)    early part of a day.

4)    before the normal time.

5)    to clean something.

6)    after the normal time.

7)    actually fast.

Ans. a) + 3;   b) + 1;   c) + 6;   d) + 2;  e) + 5).

  1. Answer the following questions in sentence(s) :
  2. a) When the cat is lazy and slow?
  3. b) What does the cat catch?
  4. c) Write three sentences about the cat.
  5. d) When is the cat active?
  6. e) What type of animal is the cat?


  1. a) The cat is lazy and slow in the morning.
  2. b) The cat catches rats.
  3. c) The cat gets up late.
  4. It is active in the afternoon.

iii. It is a clean animal.

  1. d) The cat is active in the afternoon.
  2. e) The cat is a clean animal.
  3. Write 5 sentences about a cat answering the following sets of questions.
  4. a) What is a cat?
  5. b) When does it remain lazy and slow?
  6. c) What does it catch?
  7. d) What kind of animal is it?
  8. e) Does it wash it self every day?

Ans: A cat is an animal that looks like a small tiger. If remains lazy and slow in the morning time. Usually it catches rats. It is a clean animal. It washes itself every day.




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