Class 3 English Unit 30 Punctuation and capital letters

Punctuation and capital letters Lessons 1 – 3

Rewrite the sentences using punctuations and capital letters where necessary:
riya and mashuk are in the school yard with their teachers mr mahbub and mrs fareha
Ans. Riya and Moshuk are in the school yard with their teachers, Mr. Mahbub and Mrs. Fareha.
 Fill in the blanks.
Sunday teacher students school Mrs
a) Riya and Mashuk are .
b) Riya and Mashuk are at .
c) It is  morning.
d) Mr. Mahbub is a .
e)  Fareha is a teacher.
Ans. a) students; b) school; c) Sunday; d) teacher; e) Mrs.
 Make sentence with the following words.
morning, school, yeard, teacher, sunday.
Morning : I walk in the morning.
School : I go to school.
Yeard : I am in the school yard.
Teacher : Mrs. Fareha is a teacher.
Sunday : It is Sunday.

Number lesson 4-6

Write the number or the word.
25  27 
29  31 
25 twenty five 27 twenty seven
29 twenty nine 31 thirty one

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