Class 3 English Unit 38 At the shop

At the shop Lessons 4 – 5

Arrange and rewrite the following words so that they make sense :
a) you, i, how, help, can?
b) soap, i’d, some, like.
c) 20, that’s, taka.
d) is, your, here, change.
e) aseple.
a) How can I help you?
b) I’d like some soap.
c) That’s 20 taka.
d) Here is your change.
e) Please.
 Rewrite the sentence (s) using punctuations and capital letters where necessary :
hello how can i help you.
Ans. Hello! How can I help you?

 Fill in the blanks with a suitable word.
a) Hello! How  I help you?
b) I’d  some soap, please.
c) Anything ? No, thank you.
d) That’s 20 taka, .
e)  is your change.
Ans. a) can, b) like, c) else,
d) please, e) Here.
 Make sentence with the following words.
how, help, would, change, thank
How : How are you?
Help : Help me.
Would : I would like some mangoes.
Change : Change your dress.
Thank : Riya thanked me.

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