Hsc English 2nd Paper Paragraph Writing Part 1

                        English 2nd Paper  

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                                    Paragraph Writing

                                                              Part 1


                                                   Listing Paragraph

                                                1.Importance of Learning English                                                                                                                                                                                                               [DB ’16]

The importance of learning English is beyond description. It is the most influential international language now. It has become the second language of our country. We need to know the language for many reasons. We cannot communicate with the people of other countries in our mother tongue. We need a language that is common to the people of all the countries. When we go outside, we use English to communicate with the foreigners. We have to use English in business correspondence with foreigners. Nowadays business has become international. The businessmen have to maintain international relations. So they use English language. Next, we require English language for higher studies because books of higher classes are written in English. Besides, most books of knowledge and science are either written in English or translated into English. It is not possible to operate computer without knowing English. Moreover, English is essential in Foreign Service. English is now considered a necessary skill. So English language has become a very necessary language for us. (Words : 168)

                                       2.Victory Day

16th December is the Victory Day of Bangladesh. The day is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh and the day is important for various reasons. Firstly, on this day we won the victory at the cost of a bloody war of nine months. Bangladesh came into being and occupied a place in the world map as an independent country. Secondly, about three million people including more than two lac women sacrificed their lives for the sake of independence of our country. Thirdly, the day reminds us of the sacrifices of our valiant people. Fourthly, the memory of the martyrs always inspires us to do something better for the nation. Finally, the day is a day of great joy, hope and inspiration and the victory is a victory against injustice, tyranny and falsehood. If anybody wants to know about the value of motherland and be a true patriot, he/she should learn about the importance of victory day. (Words : 159)

                                    3.An Ideal Teacher

There are some outstanding qualities that help a teacher to be an ideal teacher. Such as his teaching method is extraordinary and art of speaking is very appealing. He makes his lessons interesting. He acts when he delivers his lecture. He never sits motionless before his class. He is able to bring out the latent talent of a student with proper guidance. He is well behaved. He is not biased to any student, rather he treats all equally. He is a man of upright character in his private life. He is punctual and economical in every respect. He does the right things at the right time. He is studious. He is sincere to his work. Moreover, he takes care of every student so that he regards him as an intimate friend. This is why, he is very popular with the students and becomes a model for the students. All the above mentioned qualities make a teacher an ideal one. (Words : 159)

                            4.Necessity of Education

Education is important in our personal, social and national life for some reasons. Firstly, no nation can progress without education. Education is said to be the backbone of a nation. So a nation becomes paralysed without education. Today we find that the nation which is more educated is more developed. If the people of a nation are educated, they remain conscious about their responsibilities towards people and nation and can perform their duties accordingly. Secondly, education is very much essential for the personal development. It builds the personality of a person and makes him worthy to meet challenges of the modern world. It broadens our outlook and teaches us patience and universal brotherhood. Thirdly, education is also essential for our family life. An educated person can manage and support his family better than an uneducated person. In conclusion, we can say that education is the most important thing for a person, a society as well as for a nation. (Words : 159)

                      5.How to Keep in Good Health

To keep in good health, one has to follow certain rules and discipline. Firstly, early rising is essential for keeping a sound health. The greatest advantage of early rising is a good start of day’s hard work. There is serenity in nature and the air is fresh. All these refresh the mind and body. Secondly, a balanced diet is essential in this regard. Balanced diet is a diet that contains all kinds of food value. But it is a great regret that most of the people of our country live below poverty line and they do not get the food which they need for good health. Thirdly, physical exercise is another important thing to keep in good health. Fourthly, it is necessary to follow the rules of cleanliness. Cleanliness is the prerequisite to keep in good health. Finally, one has to take proper rest or sleep to maintain good health. Since health is the root of all happiness, we should try to follow these rules for our own benefit. (Words : 169)

                         6.How to Make a Cup of Tea

Following some steps, a cup of tea can be prepared (cÖ¯‘Z Kiv). At first, one has to boil (dzUv‡bv) some water for a few minutes (K‡qK wgwbU). Then he has to add some tea leaves (Pv cvZv) in the boiled water. He should look at the colour of the boiled water. If he thinks the colour is not okay,  he needs to add more tea leaves. After a while, he has to put the liquor (cvwb) in a tea-cup through a strainer (QuvKwb). After that, he has to add sugar and stir (bvovPvov Kiv) it with a spoon properly. Finally, he can add a little more sugar (wPwb) if he thinks the tea is not so tasty. Thus, tea is prepared and it is known as red tea (jvj Pv). If he wants to have milk or lemon tea, he can add milk or lemon juice (†jeyi im) and then the specified (wbw`©ó) tea is prepared. So, following these steps one by one, one can make a cup of tea. (Words : 155)

                   7.How to Become a Good Student

It is not easy (mnR) to be a good student. A student can never be a good student overnight (ivZvivwZ). In order to be a good student, one has to attain (AR©b Kiv) some qualities. First of all, he should have a daily routine for study. He should read regularly and punctually (mgqwbôfv‡e). Then he must be regular (wbqwgZ) in classes. He has to listen his teacher’s lessons and instructions. And he should take notes from classes and make his own notes according to his class notes, textbooks (cvV¨eB) and his own skills (`¶Zv). Next, he has to practise the notes and read the texts. After that, he needs to discuss with other good students about any difficult topic (KwVb welq). In the exam hall (cix¶vi n‡j), he has to answer all the questions technically (†KŠk‡j). Finally, he will also have to obey his parents, teachers. He should also participate in various social and national activities. So, attaining all the good qualities, he can be a good student. (Words : 156)

                        8.How to Learn English Well

To learn English well, one has to follow several procedures (c×wZ). Firstly he has to be determined (`„pcÖwZÁ) to learn it. Then he has to acquire the four skills of English– namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. Specially he must listen to English news to develop listening skill. Conversation (K‡_vcK_b) with others will help him develop his speaking skill. Next, he has to understand what he reads and writes. For this, huge vocabulary (kãm¤¢vi) and grammatical knowledge are a must. He has to read different books and write about various things in English regularly (wbqwgZfv‡e). He may watch English movies and hear English news because he can increase his English vocabulary by watching different English movies, programmes, news, etc. After that, he also needs to be careful about what he is reading or writing. Finally, he is to be in touch with all these skills in practical sense (ev¯@weK A‡_©). In fact, to learn English well, he has to follow the all inclusive steps with fervent (HKvwš@K) determination. (Words : 161)

                     Example Paragraph

                                                  9.A Hartal Day

Though calling and observing hartal is a democratic (MYZvwš¿K) process to ensure rights of people, a hartal day has lots of negative effects. A hartal day is such a day when there is a scarcity of transport in the streets. Offices, educational institutions, shopping malls and other business sectors of the country are supposed to be closed. Call for frequent hartals causes a great loss to every sphere of life. Day labourers suffer a lot. As no transportation is allowed, people cannot supply or get their necessary goods. The price of the daily commodities increases by leaps and bounds. Besides, very often when there is hartal, there is a procession of the opposition party. During the procession, there is clash (msNl©) between the police and the processionists and the general people lose a lot. For the development of the country everybody should be conscious of the negative effects of a hartal day. Hartal should be called for the positive purpose and observed in a democratic way. (Words : 164)

           10.Satellite TV Channels : A Source of Cultural Interaction

Despite having some negative effects, satellite TV has added a new dimension  (gvÎv) to our oriental life providing many programmes through different channels. Satellite TV is a great source of recreation and knowledge. It has a great importance in the field of education. Different channels telecast various educative dramas, movies, sports, cultural functions, news and documentaries. With the combined help of satellite and dish antenna satellite TV can telecast any programme live from the remotest  (`–ieZ©x) part of the world. The world has turned into a global village. It brings us the information regarding states, economics, politics, anthropology, geography, science, literature, archaeology and the art and culture of every country of the world. But many people especially young generations are forgetting our own customs and culture and becoming more addicted to the western culture, that is leading them to moral degradation. To foster and enrich our own culture we should arrange different programmes which are related to our culture, history etc. (Words : 160)


Nowadays earthquake has become a buzzword in our country for some special reasons. Because Bangladesh lies in the active earthquake zone. Recently it is frequently felt in Bangladesh. But the people of our country are not conscious enough about the gravity of this dangerous natural calamity. If any major earthquake occurs in Bangladesh, most of the buildings in most city areas will be destroyed as they are not built in accordance with an earthquake resistant code. Moreover, a group of experts opine that the repetition of quakes in recent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake. Though another group of experts believe, the concern should not be amplified (ewa©Z Kiv) because there are a number of fault lines in the geographical area comprising Bangladesh, but none of them are active enough to pose a major threat. However, in order to protect us from such an impending danger, everybody must be conscious about the causes and results of earthquake. (Words : 160)


Self-employment is called the best employment. There are various reasons why it is called the best employment. It makes a man individually self dependent. It refers to not working for an employer but finding work for oneself or having one’s own business. It can bring about a change in the fate of a nation. It always teaches a man to stand upon his own feet on earth. Self-employment may be the only reasonable way to solve the problem of unemployment. Unemployed people can take training from different training institutions to be self-employed. After receiving training they themselves can open their own business like fishing, poultry keeping, rice-husking, weaving, cattle-raising and other handicrafts taking loans from banks on easy terms and conditions. In this way they can contribute to the economy of the nation. So, self-employment is the best of all employments and it should be encouraged to make the country developed and to get rid of the curse of unemployment. (Words : 160)

                            13.Changing Role of Women

Women can play a vital role in her family as well as in the society and their role is changing gradually. They are no more only mother and dependent on men. They are no longer confined in the four walls. Rather they are coming out of their cocoon and getting educated. They are becoming conscious about their rights and privileges. They are now working in almost all the sectors of national development competing with men equally. They are proving their worth competing with men. They have started earning and contributing to the family income. At the same time they are exercising an influence on family affairs. Women are serving the nation by being teachers, doctors, engineers, reporters, magistrates, intellectuals, political leaders, social workers, nurses, garment workers, pilots and what not. This is undoubtedly a good sign for the development of the nation. This changing attitude of women will contribute to the development of the country to a great extent. (Words : 160)


                       Narrative Paragraph


                                    14.A Mobile Phone/Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone                    [RB ’17; BB ’16]

A mobile phone is a great invention of modern science. It is called so because a user can carry it wherever he goes out. It has made the interpersonal communication very easy and fast. One can communicate with the expected person within a few seconds through a mobile phone. Business communication has become easier because of the use of this device and all steps of life are benefited by it. It is also helpful for the students. They can get suggestion of their studies from their friends and teachers. So the number of consumers of mobile phone is increasing day by day. It makes the world smaller and brings all closer. But it is unfortunate that it has some negative aspects too. Criminals also use it for their activities. It causes some health hazard. Scientists believe that it causes brain tumors by its invisible and uncontrolled radio activity. Especially the pregnant women and children should not use it at all. In spite of all these, a mobile phone is a blessing for us. (Words : 173)

                                     15.An Ideal Student

An ideal student is an all-rounder having many different qualities, skills and abilities. He/She is an asset for the school and for the country. Punctuality is a good virtue for all. An ideal student is always regular and punctual in attending the class and submitting the assignment. A good student is very studious. He/She learns and earns and his/her learning is an asset. He/She does not leave anything undone for tomorrow that can be done today. An ideal student always speaks the truth. So it is seen that an ideal student always remains ahead and success embraces him/her all the times. All these qualities make him/ her different from other students. We need simplicity and sincerity in all walks of life. An ideal student is simple in behaviour, sincere in activities and dedicated towards the nation. He/She should be polite in his/her behaviour in order to be loved and cared for by all. He/She is always obedient to his parents and teachers. Above all, everybody loves an ideal student. (Words : 169)

                             16.My Favourite Teacher

Mr. Monirul Ahsan Hero, our English teacher, is my favourite teacher. I like him very much for some of his extra-ordinary qualities. His method of teaching is outstanding. His art of speaking is also very appealing. I become spellbound when I listen to him. His pronunciation is so clear that students can understand his lecture easily. Besides, he takes care of every student in such a manner that everyone regards him as an intimate one. Moreover, he is rude to none, rather he treats all very politely and equally. He is also very co-operative. If a student fails to  understand any term, he helps him understand it again and again. He is very punctual. For these reasons, he is very poular with the students. He leads a very simple life. I hardly find these qualities in other teachers. Following him, I would like to be a teacher like him. I am very proud of my favourite teacher. (Words : 157)

                              17.My Future Plan of Life

Every person has a future plan of his/her life. I have also my own future plan of life. And I am leading my life towards that plan. The plan is to be a doctor. My parents have given their consent to my choice. There are many reasons for choosing the profession of a doctor. The village people in our country are very poor and illiterate. They do not have any knowledge of health and sanitation. They often suffer from various diseases. But there is no qualified doctor to serve them. There are a few quacks but they cannot serve them properly. They only gather money from our poor and simple villagers. Many people die a premature (AKvj) death for want of proper treatment. So I have decided to serve them through this profession. I have also a determination to set up a charitable dispensary in our village and distribute medicines to the poor free of cost. (Words : 155)

                                   18.A Book Fair I Visited

During last February I went to visit the Ekusey Boi Mela. The fair took place on Bangla Academy premises. It is the biggest and most gorgeous book fair of the country. I went to the fair with my friends. The premises of Bangla Academy to ok a festive look. There were a lot of bookstalls beautifully decorated. Visitors were moving from one row to another just like the rows of ants. People were looking for their favourite and chosen books. We visited a lot of stalls and bought a number of books. While we were about to finish our visit, I noticed the great writer Muhammad Zafar Iqbal sitting on a chair in front of a stall. I also noticed the great poet Al Mahmud also sitting beside him. The two great personalities were talking with each other and curious people were gathering round them for taking their autograph. At last we finished our visit to the fair and came back home with a lot of experience and a permanent impression of the fair in my mind. (Words : 176)

                                19.The Family I live In

I live in a nuclear family which makes me happy and provides me a lot of advantages to enjoy. Our family consists of five members including me. I have a brother and a sister. My father is a school teacher. He does not earn enough. He runs our family with great difficulty. But my father is an honest man. My mother is a devoted housewife. She is about forty. She manages our family carefully. Our parents are very conscious of our education. They are religious. I am a first year college student of Dhaka College. My elder sister is a brilliant student of Dhaka Medical College. My younger brother is a student of class IX. He is a meritorious student. We are living in peace with each other in our family. We live together, dream together and hope together. We have developed a very good relation among us. We are friendly and pass our time gossiping, playing and laughing. I am proud of living in such a happy family. (Words : 169)

                                20.The City/Town I Live In

I live in Dhaka. In spite of having a lot of problems, it has earned the prestige of being the capital city. It is situated on the river Buriganga. The Lalbagh Kella, the Star Mosque, the Race Course Maidan, the Central Shahid Minar, the Nawab Bari, intensify the historical importance of this city. As a citizen of Dhaka, I enjoy a lot of modern facilities and amenities. The renowned educational institutions, hospitals, shopping centres, the airport etc serve the city dwellers very much. People from all over the country rush to Dhaka to enjoy these facilities. Dhaka is now bestowed with a lot of problems. The city has become over populated. The tenants also suffer to get a good residence. The name of traffic jam terrifies the city dwellers. Sometimes terrorism gets increased to sweep away the peace of mind of the town people. The city is getting more and more polluted day by day. There is almost no open space provided for children in my city. To the best of my knowledge, it is the best city in Bangladesh. (Words : 181)

                                         21.A Stormy Night

Last year I had a terrible experience of a stormy night. It was the Bangla month of Baishakh. One day in the evening, I went to a local market with my uncle to buy fish and other things. The day was very hot. All on a sudden, the wind dropped and the weather became uncanny. The northern sky began to grow dark and a big cloud began to move fast towards the south. My uncle told me to follow him fast. Within a few minutes there were heavy lightning and thunderbolts. By that time, the whole area was completely dark and nothing was clearly visible. But the light of frequent lightning was making everything clear to see. Before my own eyes I saw a big jackfruit tree being uprooted. It made a great cracking sound. After a while we reached home and took shelter in our sitting room. The storm countinued for two hours. After a period of massive devastation, the storm subsided. Many a day has passed but I can never forget the memory of the stormy night. (Words : 179)

                                  22.A Picnic I Enjoyed

Last winter I went on a picnic at the National Park, Gazipur with some of my classmates. We were fifteen in number. We hired a microbus earlier. We were all singing inside the micro. At last at about 10 am, we reached the grand spot. After reaching we finished our breakfast. We did not take any cook with us. Two of our classmates took the charge of cooking. I dug a small hole to make a temporary cooker. We all started helping them. At about half past 1 pm, the dish was ready. Everyone felt quite hungry. So, I started serving the prepared food. There were polao, roast, beef, salad etc. We finished our feast and retired to rest for about half an hour. One of our friends recited a great poem of Jibanananda Das. Ripon presented a joke on a voracious eater. Sumon who is a good singer presented two songs of Nazrul. We started for home at 5 pm after taking our tea. We enjoyed the picnic most and it is really a memorable day for me. (Words : 179)

                                            23.Your Hobby

Hobby is a pleasant pastime. Gardening is my favourite hobby which gives me much pleasure at my leisure. I have a small garden in front of our house. I work there in the morning and evening. I have planted many kinds of flower plants in my garden. I also grow vegetables there. In the morning I water the plants, make the soil loose and weed out the grass of my garden. Every afternoon or evening, I spend half an hour in the garden. I take care of the plants, water them again and also repair the fence if damaged. The rose, the beli, the sheuli, the dahlia etc. grow in my garden. When the flowers bloom, my joys know no bound. On holidays, I work longer in my garden. Sometimes my friends, neighbours and relatives visit my garden. They become very glad to see my garden and appreaciate my work very much. Gardening gives me recreation and amusement. It makes me forget my worries and anxieties. It relieves me from my routine bound work. Thus I get much pleasure from my hobby which is the most valuable thing. (Words : 188)

                             24.A Journey By Train I enjoyed

A journey of any kind is a pleasure to me. A journey by train is more so. During the last autumn vacation, my brother who is working in Chittagong asked me to spend a few days with him. I readily agreed and one fine morning I started for Chittagong from Dhaka by Mahanagar Provati at 8 am. Two of my friends accompanied me. However, we bought three tickets in the first class and got into the train. At that time the station was over crowded. Before the departure of the train, we bought papers, magazines, some snacks and drinking water. After a while the train began to move. Gradually, the speed of the train increased and within half an hour our train left behind the city and was running through the green countryside. Paddy and jute fields, small villages and rivers came to our view and vanished within a twinkling of eye. We heartily enjoyed the scenic beauty on both sides of the railway track. However, after long eight hours we reached Chittagong and found my brother waiting for us at the station. Thus I enjoyed the greatest pleasure from this train journey. (Words : 192)

                             25.My First Day at College

My first day at college is an unforgettable day in my life. Since my school days, I have heard a lot about college life and cherished a desire to enjoy it. At last the long cherished day came in 2016 when I got myself admitted into Dhaka College. On the first day I started for the college with a feeling of joy and excitement. As soon as I reached the college gate, I was overjoyed to see the beautiful campus and thousands of unknown students crowding the entire area with fun and laughter. However, at last I met a school friend of mine and got relief. He took me to the notice board and I took down my class routine and the room numbers. Then I went to the classroom, took a seat and eagerly waited for the first class to start. I attended all the classes in the routine. During leisure I went to the common room, the college library and I had a feeling of exploration. At the end of my classes I returned home with a happy feeling. It was really a day of observing and experiencing new things. (Words : 192)

                                   26.My Favourite Sport

Of all the sports and games I like football most. It is my favourite game because it is full of thrill and excitement. Because of its being an international game, it is played all over the world. And as such it is one of the most interesting and entertaining sports of the world. There are some reasons why I like this game most. Firstly it brings about fresh delight and excitement to me. Secondly, it helps to enjoy a sound health and fresh mind. Thirdly, it provides me with a great scope to learn and exercise discipline and importance of cooperation to gain success in life. Next, it teaches me how to abide by the rules and regulations of the game. Since it is a good form of exercise, it makes my body strong and hardy. Further, it teaches me the feeling of brotherhood and team spirit. As it is entertaining, I get fresh entertainment by playing it. I also watch international football matches on TV and enjoy a game as it enthrills both the players and the spectators alike. For all the above reasons I like football the most. (Words : 190)

                                       27.Our College Library

We are really proud of having a very rich library in our college. Our college library is a great attraction for us. It is said that a library is a store house of knowledge which can help a man to satisfy his desire for knowing the unknown. Our college library has also a very rich collection of books on various subjects namely novels, fictions, story books, poetry books, plays, autobiographies and periodicals- all arranged in a systematic way in our well decorated library. Books on religion and sports are also available here. Our college library is housed on the 2nd floor of our academic building. Attached to the library there is a well furnished reading room for the students and the teachers. A pin drop silence prevails in the reading room. An efficient and well qualified librarian handles the activities of the library. He is assisted by three peons who are very expert in finding out books to the readers. There exists a calm, quiet and serene atmosphere in our library. Books are issued against library cards. In fact, our college library is a part and parcel of our college life. (Words : 191)

                                        28.A Zoo I Visited

The Mirpur Zoo located at Mirpur in Dhaka has many attractions for the tourists. A few days back, I along with some of my friends visited the zoo. In the morning, we entered the zoo and spent five hours there. The area of the zoo is about 313 acres and there are about 2500 species of birds and animals. While visiting, we saw many birds and animals. The birds were of different sizes and shapes chirping melodiously in their cages. Peacocks, bulbuls, maynas, magpies were very nice to look at. Then we started visiting the animals. Tigers, lions, giraffe, elephants, monkeys were remarkable. In the morning, all of them were fresh. When we went near to them, they came forward and we watched them closely. During my visit, I enjoyed every minute though many times it occurred in my mind that those birds and animals were not happy in the cages. After passing five hours there, we became very tired and also hungry. We returned home safely. it was a remarkable visit. (Words : 172)

                       Descriptive Paragraph

                                         29.Importance of Female Education                                             [DinajB ’17]

Female education is very essential for the overall development of a nation. About fifty percent of the total population of our country are female. A country cannot expect her prosperity avoiding this large part of population. But most of the women are lagging far behind in education. The rate of female literacy is about 20%. This rate of female literacy is alarming. Women need to be educated for different reasons. To be a conscious citizen of the country, to be an active member of the family and society, to be a good mother or wife and to lead a self-reliant better life, a woman should be educated properly. Besides, educated women have higher income potential than those who have had no schooling. An educated woman is conscious of her duties, rights and responsibilities. Moreover, every woman is a potential mother. Education of a child greatly depends upon its mother. An educated mother would be able to bring up her child properly. In conclusion, we can say that female education is a must for the progress of our country and we should take all necessary steps to encourage female education for the betterment of our country. (Words : 195)

                                              30.Facebook                                                                           [CtgB ’17]

Facebook is a very popular social networking site which has both advantages and disadvantages. It is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends that live far away. With instant messaging and even video chat, Facebook is the perfect environment to stay connected. With the status updates, photos and profile information, it can keep us up to date on the happenings of all of our close ones. Facebook makes meeting new people extremely easy. Using Facebook one can express one’s opinion easily. Facebook has some disadvantages too. It is very easy for cyber bullies to thrive. They can harass and gang up on one person. There aren’t moderators that go around monitoring what people say to each other. Besides, teenagers who spend much time on Facebook, will suffer in the long run as their valuable time for study is not used properly. So there is no denying to say that Facebook has a lot of advantages with some disadvantages too. (Words : 164)


                                31.My Country/Bangladesh                                                              [BB ’17]

Bangladesh, my country, is an independent sovereign country. She got her freedom from Pakistan on 16th December, 1971. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. She is a temperate country-neither too hot nor too cold. She has six seasons – each season covering two Bengali months. The total land area of the country is about 1,47,570 square kilometres with a population of over 160 millions. Around 1800 people live per square kilometre. She is the most densely populated country in the world. She is a plain and fertile land with a large number of rivers and tributaries. The Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna are her main important rivers. The majority of her population are farmers. Rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane etc are our main crops. Mangoes, jackfruits, coconuts, pineapples etc grow here in plenty. The natural beauty is the main attraction of this country. Bangladesh has three World Heritage Sites declared by the UNESCO. Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Saint Martins island, Rangamati, Jafflong, Sundarbans are some famous tourist spots. She is one of the attractions of the tourists from home and abroad. (Words                                                         

                                    32.Internet/Uses and Abuses of



Internet, the latest and most wonderful means of communication, is a computer-based global network system that has created a great revolution in the world. It is the cheapest and fastest means of communication for business and commerce. The information system of the world has become globalized with the magical touch of internet. Like a spider-web the internet has spread its interconnected link with tens, hundreds or even thousands of computers. Internet has brought new opportunities to government, education and business. In the developed countries teachers send every study material and course to every individual student through internet. Pictures, data and many other things also can be sent through internet. However, internet has some bad sides, students get engaged in activities like games, Facebook and Youtube, which hamper their study. The hackers go through personal profiles of others and commit misdeeds. If one wants to use internet, one has to learn how to operate it. Bangladesh, as a developing country does not have access to the internet in all spheres except the banking system and educational institutions. (Words : 176)

                                     33.International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day, popularly known as ‘Shaheed Dibas’ is a red letter day in our history. In 1952, on this day a number of our brave sons laid down their lives for the cause of Bangla language. The UNESCO declared 21st February as the International Mother Language Day showing respect to the martyrs of our language movement. This declaration has turned a national celebration to an international event. Now the whole world observes the 21st February as International Mother Language Day. Every year on this day, people from all walks of life come to the martyrs’ monument and offer their respect. They put on black badges on their clothes. Hundreds of people walk bare-footed and gather in front of the Shaheed Minar with flowers and garlands. The government, different organizations and institutions arrange programmes to celebrate the day. Newspapers publish special supplements on this day. It is our national holiday. Schools, colleges and offices remain closed on this day. Our national flag is kept hoisted half mast on this day. Actually, the day possesses a great significance for the whole nation as well as the whole world. (Words : 188)

                          34.My Childhood Memories

My childhood memories are eventful and interesting. I was born in a small village named Hularhat on the bank of the river Kajolia. The village is a place of scenic beauty. I used to pass my childhood days playing with other children. We passed our time playing, flying kites, picking up fruits from trees and so on. My first day at school is one of the most memorable events of my life. One day my father bought me a new dress and took me to school. I could adapt easily with my loving teachers and lovely friends. I could also remember a very sad incident of my childhood. Once I got lost as I followed a group of people who were rendering songs from door to door. I followed that group village after village. When evening approached I realized that I was far away from my home. The place was quite unknown to me. I started crying. Luckily an uncle of mine saw me crying and took me to my home. Now I live in the town and read in a college. Whenever I recall my childhood memories, I feel how nice and interesting those days were. (Words : 197)

                35.English as an International Language

English is the most influential language of the present world. English is the language of the people of England and America. They are the native speakers of English. It is the only international language which is spoken almost all over the world. According to world statistics, about 350 million people speak English as a first language and another 300 million use it as a second language. It is the official or semi-official language in more than 60 countries and of many international organizations. Multinational companies use English to communicate among offices in different countries. International trade and commerce cannot run without English. Moreover, in this present stage of IT revolution, English is a must, to know all the information in the computer. So, if we fail to get a hand in English, we must lag behind in the present competitive world. We need English to get good jobs, to go abroad, to pursue higher studies on science and technology and medicine. So, there is no denying about the influence of English and we cannot keep pace with the modern world if we do not learn English. (Words : 186)


People usually spend their leisure doing different activities of their own interest. It is not one’s main occupation but it doesn’t mean wastage of time in idleness. People living in villages and cities spend their leisure differently. Most of the male persons in villages spend their time in tea stalls talking among themselves. Female persons gather in one place, talk frankly and try to help one another. But in cities, people usually watch television. They visit zoos, parks and other remarkable places. Sometimes, people spend their leisures in sports. Rowing boats, swimming, playing and enjoying various games and sports like football, cricket are very much common. Again, using computers, listening to music, attending concert, seminar, gardening are very familiar pastimes. Above all, people of both cities and villages enjoy natural beauties. They come in contact with nature for refreshing their mind. Thus people pass their pastimes doing different kinds of activities of their choice. (Words : 154)

                              37.Bangladeshi Culture

Bangladesh has a very old, rich and distinctive cultural heritage. We have our own language, dress, food habit, manner of speaking, mode of behaviour, games and sports, social values and customs, religion, profession, music, art, literature etc. We have songs based on rural and idyllic picture of life. We have folk songs and local jatra-pala. We have our own marital systems based on religious and social rules. We celebrate the Pahela Baishakh as the Bengali New Year’s Day. We take rice and fish as our staple food. The males wear dresses like lungi, shirt and the females wear sari and blouse. We play our own games like Ha-du-du, Gollachhut, Dariabandha, Bowchi, Kanamachhi etc. However, though we have a rich culture of our own, it is now the blending of cultures of other countries especially of India and western countries. Satellite TV channels are playing an important role in engulfing the old tradition and culture of our country. People are being influenced by cultures of other countries in respect of food habit and dress. Thus Bangladeshi culture is being influenced by other cultures. (Words : 182)

                                   38.Games and Sports

Games and sports play an important role in our life. Games and sports are the finest kind of exercise. Football, cricket, tennis, basketball, swimming, shooting etc. are some common sports. These games help the limbs and muscles of the body to be strong and tidy. It also helps man to be free from anxiety and tension. It helps in building up personality. It predicts whether a man will have a rigid or a flexible personality. It masters qualities like perseverance, co-operation, responsibility, discipline, stamina and obedience. It nurtures international fraternity and makes a country known to the rest of the world. A sportsman can earn a lot of money. It also brings name and celebrity. When a man or woman goes abroad to compete in sports, he or she designates his or her own country there. So, we can say that games and sports build up our body, personal qualities and to earn money as well as name and fame. (Words : 160)

                                        39.Baishakhi Mela

Baishakhi mela is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive celebration of the arts and culture of Bangladesh. It is held on the 1st day of the Bangla New Year. The Ramna Batamul is the centre from where the New Year celebration has spread around the city and gradually across the country. Baishakhi mela is generally held in the open place or on the bank of a river or a canal or under a big and old banyan tree. Some fairs are held for a day, some are held for a few days or a month. A huge number of people of different religions gather in the Baishakhi mela. Fancy goods, toys, balloons, flutes, sweets and wooden things are available in the mela. Circus parties and puppet shows are the common features of the mela. It is a matter of pride and pleasure that we celebrate our identity in a true spirit through Baishakhi mela. (Words : 154)

                                40.Environment and Ecology

Ecology depends on the relationship among the elements of our environment. Human beings, animals, plants, air, water and soil make up the environment. Again different natural forces such as storms, cyclones and earthquakes and forces are naturally interrelated. The way in which people, animals and plants are related to each other and to their surroundings is known as ecology. It is like a complex web that links animals, plants and every other life form in the biosphere. If this relationship is disturbed in any way, the whole environment will face a destructive change. For example, the destruction of forests may cause drought and other natural disasters. Again the emission of carbon dioxide, cloro-floro carbon creates ecological imbalance. So, it is our duty to prevent the environment from being spoilt. We must plant more trees because trees are very important for the ecological balance. We must save our wild animals, because they are the direct agent of our environment. In conclusion, it can be said that as the elements of our environment are interrelated, we must try to protect our environment to keep the ecology balanced. (Words : 185)

                                   41.The Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank is a specialized bank which provides loan to the poor and the down trodden to eradicate poverty. Dr Muhammad Yunus is the man who founded and organised this bank. The bank gives loans under very easy terms and conditions. They give money for different projects that help the poor landless people to improve their condition. They give loan for agriculture, poultry farms, micro business, cottage industries or handicrafts. As per rules and regulations of the bank, the poor people interested in taking loans have to make 5-6 groups of workers. Every group should have a leader. They should have a centre there where the bank will work to give loans and receive repayment of loans. Thus the Grameen Bank is functioning in the rural areas to free the country from poverty since its beginning. To acknowledge this contribution, Grameen Bank and Dr Muhammad Yunus have been awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. (Words : 154)

                            42.Child Labour in Bangladesh

Though child labour is severely prohibited by law, it is still prevalent in the third world countries like Bangladesh. Child labour refers to the physical labour done by the children from 8 to 18. The condition of these working children is very painful. They are found working in factories or doing household chores as servants. They are also engaged in fields, shops, restaurants etc. They have to grind bricks and stones. They work as street hawkers. Most of the time they become pickpockets. They also work as a bus conductor, helper, boot polisher and the like. Some of the works are sometimes risky for them, like working in the welding factory. Though they have to work a lot, most of the time they are ill paid. Sometimes children working in different houses are tortured severely which hampers their physical and mental health. They are deprived of proper care, food and medical treatment. There is no denying that child labour should be banned and the govt. as well as the people concerned should take necessary steps to create alternative opportunities. (Words : 179)

                                           43.Dowry System

Dowry system is a shameful culture in our society. The money or property that a bride brings to her husband as a condition of marriage is called dowry. There are several factors behind this bad practice. This practice has actually come from Hindu communities as daughters do not inherit the property of their parents. There is a section of people who have greedy mentality. They think it is their right to claim and have dowry from the guardians of the brides as they have spent a lot for educating the bridgegrooms. In spite of modernisation and increasing role of women in all walks of life, the practice of dowry in Bangladesh is becoming widespread. The system affects the society. It is an unbearable burden for poorer parents. If a bride’s family fails to pay the amount of dowry demanded by the groom’s family, the bride is cruelly treated by the in-laws. The female are also human beings like men. We cannot buy or sell them like commodities. So, our government must formulate a strict law to stop this shameful culture. (Words : 180)


Newspaper is one of the wonders of modern science which carries news and views of home and abroad to us. China is the first country to publish newspaper. The first printed newspaper of this sub-continent was the ‘India Gazette’ which was published in 1774. The Samacher Darpan was the first Bengali newspaper. The Christian missionaries of Sreerampore published it. There are many kinds of newspapers. They are dailies, biweaklies, weeklies, monthlies and even quarterlies. The dailies contain news and views about the daily affairs of the whole world. There are some other papers which are known as periodicals and magazines. They contain literary articles. There are many English and Bengali dailies in our country. They are the Prothom Alo, the Ittefaq, the Inquilab, the Daily Star, the Bangladesh Times etc. Newspaper contains all the happenings relevant and necessary to human society. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life. (Words : 152)

                    45.Importance of Reading Newspaper

Reading newspaper is a good habit which provides us to know a lot of essential things of home and abroad. People read these for both pleasure and information. A politician can learn about political situations. An economist and a businessman can be aware of the economy and business. People interested in sports and games can learn about the sports-world. Students can also learn many things from the pages of newspapers that fulfill their thirst for knowledge. The film fans go through the cinema page to get the thrill of the showbiz world. From the advertisement column the job seekers and traders get useful hints and details. In fact, by reading newspapers we can be up-to-date and we need it in order to face the competitive changing world. However, sometimes a newspaper misleads people. Some of the newspapers publish news supporting political parties. Sometimes they write columns to gain benefits from the ruling party. For this, misunderstanding takes place and many unexpected incidents happen. So, we can say that though a newspaper has some disadvantages, it has a lot of advantages too. (Words : 181)


Discipline means obeying certain rules and principles in any event or phase of life. It is the most important condition of success in life. Man is a social being. He cannot live alone. He has to live in society and in the state. One cannot do what even one likes. He/she has to abide by some rules and regulations. Maintaining these rules and regulations is known as discipline. Discipline is the root of success in life. It helps men to live in peace and happiness. It forms the basis of all the virtues. Without discipline no one can make progress in life. Starting from personal life to the national or international life discipline is a must everywhere. A mentally disciplined man learns how to think in a systematic way in an orderly manner. A morally disciplined man will not act in a way which is not approved by his society or his religion or moral ideal. Discipline is the most important condition of success in life. It gives some order and system in the activities of life and ultimately takes us to the peak of success. Without discipline nobody can shine and no nation can prosper. (Words : 196)

                                       47.A Winter Morning

A winter morning is both enjoyable and distressful. It is naturally a very cold morning. There is dense fog all around. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun rays can’t get through it. Nothing can be seen even at a little distance. Dew drops fall at night. When the morning sun peeps they look like glittering gold on grasses and leaves. It is pleasant to the rich but curse to the poor. The poor village people and the slum dwellers in cities suffer greatly for want of warm clothes. Farmers have to go to the fields with their materials. The workers of low classes have to go to their workplace in the morning. In the villages, children and old people gather straw and make fires to warm themselves. The old people bask in the sun or warm themselves beside fireplace. In the village market, some people come out to sell ‘date juice’. The scenery of towns is totally different from villages. The people of the town get up from bed a bit late.  They also enjoy the winter morning. Thus a winter morning is not only enjoyable but also distressful to people. (Words : 194)

                                             48.A Rainy Day

A rainy day is a day on which it rains in torrents continuously. The day is dull and gloomy. The sky remains cloudy all day long. Sometimes it rains heavily; sometimes it drizzles and sometimes gusts of wind blow. The heavy downpour is associated with roars of thunder, flashes of lightning and stormy wind. Nobody can go out without an umbrella. Rivers, tanks and canals swell up. Roads and paths become muddy and impassable. Many people walk along the road with shoes in hand and clothes folded up. A rainy day is bad for poor people. The day labourers cannot go to work. So they don’t earn any money and may remain unfed. Students enjoy a holiday at home. The rich people who have no urgent work enjoy the day at home. They entertain themselves with rich dishes like bhuna khichuri, polao etc. The rain washes away dirt and dust and makes the soil soft. The farmers can prepare the fields for sowing seeds. Thus, though a rainy day has some negative aspects, it has positive effects too. (Words : 178)

                                    49.Good Manners

Good manners are the external expressions of one’s inner goodness and education. It is a person’s positive way of behaving towards others. A person is judged by his manners. Good manners enrich the personality of an individual. A well mannered person is liked by most of our people and can prosper in life. Good manners enhance his value and make him a worthy human being. A good mannered man is polite and courteous. He respects the views and opinions of others although they differ from his own. He listens patiently to what others have to say. He neither uses harsh words to others nor does anything that may offend others. An ill mannered man is rude and rough. He has no respect for the feeling of others. He shows bad manners in various ways. A man of unpolished manners is not liked by anyone. Everybody hates him. Good manners make life pleasant, smooth and easy. Good manners do not cost anything but they gain for us love and respect. (Words : 169)

                                   50.Basic Human Rights

Basic human rights include social rights, civil rights, cultural rights, economic rights, religious rights, political rights and so on. Social rights include the rights to demand no interference in private life, family life or exchange of letters. Political rights include the rights to vote, to take part in the election etc. Civil rights include the rights to marry and have a family, to have equal rights in govt. jobs etc. Cultural rights include the rights to take part in social, cultural activities, to wear dresses according to choice etc. Religious rights include the rights to participate in the religious occasions, to set up mosques, temples etc. Economic rights include the rights to form and join trade unions, to run business concerns etc. Our constitution also provides a man right to food, cloth, shelter, medical treatment, education, employment, freedom of speech. To protect children is one of the greatest human rights. The elderly people have some rights to enjoy in their old age. In fact, in a society a man preserves some rights to live in peace and comfort and these are called basic human rights. (Words : 185)

                                         51.A Book Fair

A book fair is very important to build up a cultured nation. It is not a very recent origin. In a book fair books of different types and tastes are displayed for show and sale. In the recent years book fair has become a traditional festival in our country. Of the book fairs the ‘Ekushe Boi Mela’ is the most popular and gorgeous. Ekushe Boi Mela, held in the Bangla Academy premises begins on the first day of February and lasts till the end of the month. Elsewhere in the country book fairs are held to uphold the number of book lovers. In a book fair hundreds and thousands of books such as novels, dramas, storybooks, science fictions, books on travel and autobiographies are displayed in different bookstalls. The bookstalls stand in rows and are beautifully decorated. A huge number of book lovers of different tastes and cultures throng in the fair for different purposes. Moreover, poets, writers and a large number of elites of the city visit the fair off and on. However, a book fair spreads and widens our love of reading books and gaining knowledge. (Words : 188)

                       52.Celebration of Pahela Baishakh

Bangladesh, being a land of different cultures and traditions, a lot of festivals are held here round the year. Among these festivals Pahela Baishakh appears to be a unique and distinctive festival to the people of all classes and religions in Bangladesh. It is celebrated on the first day of Bengali New Year. The main event of the day is to open ‘Halkhata’ or new accounts book by traders and businessmen. The traditional events of Pahela Baishakh include Panta-Hilsa, Baishakhi-mela, Bali-Khela, Merry-go-round, puppet show etc. These events are held both in rural and urban areas. In urban areas different socio-cultural organizations arrange special cultural functions to celebrate the day. In Dhaka, Chhayanata opens the day at the Ramna Batamul in the early hours of the day being attended by hundreds and thousands of people from all sections of the society. Besides, Bangla Academy, IFA of Dhaka University and many other cultural organisations welcome the day in a great festive and joyous mood. Pahela Baishakh reminds us our customs and traditions, our history and heritage. (Words : 174)

                               53.Celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the greatest Muslim festivals is celebrated with great enthusiasm and entertainment all over the world. It comes after a month-long fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. As an essential element of Islam, the month long fasting prohibits all wrong, inhuman and harmful acts. Falsehood, wrong doing, creating indiscipline and anarchy in society and all kinds of deceptions are sin in the eye of Islam. And the glorious month of Ramadan comes to the Muslims as the month of self-judgement and purification. Eid is also a communion of souls and the occasion for thanks giving to the Almighty Allah. Eid is certainly an occasion for joy by the pious Muslims who follow the commandants of Allah during the Holy Ramadan. On this day the Muslims take bath early in the morning, put on new dresses and use ‘ator’ before going to the Eidgah for offering congregational prayer. After prayer, the Muslims embrace one another and exchange Eid greetings. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, the Muslims should pledge to establish an exploitation free society on the basis of religious values. Eid-ul-Fitr teaches the Muslims how to make worldly and spiritual life enriched. (Words : 194)

                                   54.A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is a great pleasure and source of recreation for the people of almost all ages, tastes and temperaments. The night in which the moon shines brightly in the cloudless clear sky is generally known as a moonlit night. It comes to us with all her stimulation and magnificent beauty. The moon then looks like a disk of dazzling silver and bathes the nature with her pleasant light. The water of rivers, canals and tanks seem to smile on this moonlit night. The whole nature wears a bright and charming look. It soothes our eyes and refreshes our minds. Both the city and the village dwellers enjoy the night gossiping, walking here and there. Children greatly enjoy the night playing. There are plenty of poems, songs, stories, fairy tales about moonlit nights. Again some birds and beasts come out leaving their nestling place to relish the beauty of the night. In fine, a moonlit night is a nice gift of nature and it spell bounds all through its loveliness. (Words : 171)

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