Hsc English Close Test Without Clues Answer Non Textual

                   Close Test Without Clues

                                               Non Textual


  1. (a) versatile (b) not only/mainly (c) but also/and (d) translating (e) reputation/fame (f) society/culture (g) independence (h) spreading (i) devoted (j) relantlessly


  1. (a) sure (b) know (c) key (d) sincere (e) go/pass (f) value/significance/importance (g) make/ensure (h) properly/sincerely (i) become/are (j) certainly/surely/undoubtedly/definitely


  1. (a) organised/arranged/held (b) sponsored/patronised (c) companies/factories/industries (d) exchange/return (e) advertise/publicise (f) telecast/broadcast/aired (g) live (h) result/consequence (i) coverage (j) expansion/promotion/ spread


  1. (a) scenic (b) amaged/astonished (c) enormously (d) beauty (e) pride (f) core (g) improve (h) development (i) toil (j) source


  1. (a) beginning/past/father (b) future/leader (c) lead (d) development/country/progress (e) contribution (f) responsibility/duty (g) hidden/latent (h) essential/important/necessity (i) build/brought (j) possible


  1. (a) way/method/system (b) get/have/gain (c) carefully/attentively (d) only/merely (e) passing (f) interest/pleasure/ delight (g) read/study (h) widen/ broaden/ extend (i) outlook/ mind (j) enriching/ developing/ improving


  1. (a) happened/ occurred/ took place (b) were made/were achieved/were done/were gained/occurred/ happened (c) for/of (d) momentous/ active/prominent/relevant/significant etc/successful (e) broke out/were held/ happened/ spread/ occurred (f) also/had (g) emergence/ rise/ birth/ origin (h) was/became/ had been (i) bloody/ long (j) hold/ raise/ can rise


  1. (a) culture (b) things/ events (c) polite/ kind (d) foreigners (e) introduced (f) usual/ common (g) questions (h) income (i) awkward (j) meant


  1. (a) great (b) range (c) telecast (d) set (e) programmes (f) educative (g) being (h) run (i) entertaining (j) is


  1. (a) because (b) system/ method (c) obtain/ get (d) creative (e) memorization (f) situation/ idea/ thought/ method/ system (g) interest (h) loss (i) educate/ prepare (j) world/ country/ society/ nation


  1. (a) conservative (b) early (c) predetermined (d) ordained (e) belief (f) sufferings (g) overcome (h) firm (i) temporal/ earthly (j) rewarded


  1. (a) neighbour’s (b) smoking (c) times (d) up (e) death (f) away (g) listen (h) term (i) know (j) dilemma/ hesitation


  1. (a) who (b) sea (c) ceremony (d) to (e) with (f) ship (g) and (h) angry (i) wind (j) changed


  1. (a) greatest (b) happened/ occured (c) under (d) oppression (e) led (f) freedom/ independence/ liberation (g) arrested (h) sectors/ spheres/walks (i) was (j) respect/ honour


  1. (a) conspicuous (b) acknowledged (c) recognized (d) establish (e) joining (f) opting (g) reliant (h) difficult (i) traditional (j) equally


  1. (a) folding (b) shapes/ forms/ figures (c) origin/background (d) practised/ used (e) centuries (f) art (g) prized (h) ceremonies/ functions/ festivals (i) decorative (j) flexible


  1. (a) depends/ relies (b) realize/ know/ understand (c) hampered/disrupted/ disturbed/ obstructed (d) easier/ easy/ possible (e) difficult/ impossible/ unreachable (f) mainly/ greatly/ profusely/ also (g) gain/ gather/ acquire/ attain/ spread (h) Besides/Moreover (i) created/ increased/fostered/ developed (j) around/ across/ throughout/ of


  1. (a) lived (b) to (c) wood (d) did (e) her (f) found/ noticed (g) some (h) that (i) have/ get (j) of


  1. (a) worshipped (b) adding/ contributing (c) ecological (d) providing (e) vanished (f) habitats (g) perseverance/ patience (h) enthusiasts (i) remote/ distant (j) areas/ regions


  1. (a) capable/worthy (b) know (c) key (d) sincere (e) go (f) meaning (g) make (h) means (i) aware (j) importance/value


  1. (a) undergoing/ getting (b) popular/ existent/ appealing (c) pleased/ satisfied (d) getting/ having (e) common/ native (f) now (g) contact (h) prefer (i) losing (j) considered/ regarded


  1. (a) havoc/ effect (b) victims/ homeless/ helpless (c) grace/ mercy (d) escaped (e) disaster/calamity (f) active (g) possibility (h) coastal (i) loss/ destruction (j) actual/ exact/ right


  1. (a) gain/ acquire (b) teach/ instruct (c) find (d) possessed/ had (e) is (f) tell (g) not (h) reply/answer (i) intelligence/ wisdom/ wit/ understanding (j) desire


  1. (a) behaviour/ conduct/ manner/ attitude (b) means/ indicates/ implies (c) of (d) need not (e) possess/develop/ have (f) follow/ maintain/ observe (g) maintain/ practise/ follow/ observe (h) varies/ differs (i) form/ cultivate (j) without/ but/ except


  1. (a) large/ huge/ vast (b) poverty (c) afford (d) usually/ generally/ either (e) school (f) children/ students (g) schools/ institutions (h) madrashas/ universities (i) children/ students/ learners/ pupils (j) requisite/ required/ demanded/ necessary


  1. (a) element/ thing (b) throwing/ dumping (c) use (d) get (e) polluted/ contaminated (f) poisonous/ toxic/ harmful (g) waste/ filth (h) standing (i) responsible/ liable/ accountable to (j) types/ kinds/ sorts


  1. (a) fed (b) theirs (c) blaring/ irritating/ disturbing/ disgusting (d) next (e) on/ running (f) concentrate/ carry (g) bear/ tolerate (h) stuffy/ suffocating/ intolerable/ unbearable (i) compelled/ bound/ made (j) with


  1. (a) know (b) is/ lies/ is located (c) quakes/ earthquakes/ tremors (d) concerning/ about/ regarding (e) safety (f) possibility/ probability (g) call/ suggest/ have called (h) measures/ steps/ actions (i) resistant (j) developed/ followed/ maintained/ formulated/ made/ introduced


  1. (a) born (b) visiting (c) coming/ upcoming/ensuing (d) confusion (e) concentrate/ focus (f) difficult/ tough (g) with (h) cousins (i) were/ lived (j) what


  1. (a) unwilling/ reluctant (b) offers/ provides/ gives (c) women/people (d) institutions/ organisations (e) created (f) study/ survey/ report (g) great/ positive (h) including (i) planning (j) poverty


  1. (a) stood (b) provides/ gives/ offers (c) operates/ runs/ conducts/ arranges (d) improve/ensure (e) numerous/ contagious (f) conducted/ organised (g) reduce/ decrease/ lessen (h) humanitarian/ benevolent (i) develop/ facilitate/ improve/ upgrade (j) spreads/ emphasises/ inspires/ promotes


  1. (a) entertainment (b) sporting/ sports (c) sponsored (d) pay (e) advertise (f) telecast (g) live/ directly (h) receive/ get (i) coverage (j) recognition/ reputation/ familiarity/ fame


  1. (a) types/ kinds (b) living/ existing/ found/ seen (c) introvert (d) being (e) lead/ enjoy (f) seen/ learnt/ known (g) story/ character (s)/ lives (h) introvert (i) is/ shows/ implies/ proves (j) of/ holding/ having/ showing/ indicating


  1. (a) elements (b) essential/ important/ vital (c) polluted/ contaminated (d) smoke (e) wastes (f) healthy (g) stop/ prevent/ control (h) difficult/ impossible (i) minimize/ decrease (j) awareness


  1. (a) rivers (b) drying/ silted (c) irrigation/ dredging (d) silt/ alluvium (e) fertile/ fecund/ prolific (f) fishes/ fish (g) irrigate/ supply/ carry (h) scarcity/ lack (i) understand/ realize (j) economy/ agriculture/ cultivation


  1. (a) changes/ a revolution (b) communication (c) seconds (d) dependent (e) however (f) developing (g) afford (h) some (i) using (j) purpose/ reason


  1. (a) interrelated/ interlinked/ interconnected (b) surroundings/ environment (c) ecology (d) complex/ complicated (e) existing/ living (f) stay/ remain/ exist/ live/ hang (g) dynamic (h) altering/ changing (i) destruction/ loss/ annihilation/ damage (j) consequences/ impact/ effects


  1. (a) destroy/ burn (b) down (c) harm/ affect/ endanger/ destroy/ damage (d) turn/ change (e) absorb/ consume/ inhale (f) will/ can/ may (g) warmer/ hotter (h) called (i) melt (j) coastal


  1. (a) organization (b) projects/ activities (c) mortality (d) awareness (e) nutrition (f) training (g) creating (h) give/ offer (i) people (j) promote


  1. (a) like (b) important (c) about (d) communicate (e) can/ may/ should (f) way (g) worry/ hesitate (h) when/ while/ if (i) mistakes (j) through


  1. (a) element (b) throwing/ dumping (c) use (d) being washed (e) get/ are (f) polluted/ contaminated (g) toxic/ poisonous (h) dumping/ throwing (i) standing/ built/ made (j) responsible/ liable


  1. (a) to (b) devote (c) printing (d) printed/ published (e) founder (f) books (g) about (h) in (i) took/ thought (j) available


  1. (a) remarkable/ wonderful/ useful/ popular (b) tasks/ works/ functions (c) for (d) serves/ helps (e) few (f) also/ widely/ being (g) computer (h) Examination/ Complicated (i) many/ various (j) brain


  1. (a) return/ come back (b) familiar/ very (c) recognize/ identify (d) old/ shabby/ unknown (e) seem/ look (f) house (g) place (h) recognized/ knew/ remembered (i) unhappy/ shocked (j)unwelcome/forgotten/ unfamiliar/ unknown/ a stranger


  1. (a) beauty/purity (b) lovely / beautiful / nice (c) smells (d) beauty (e) to decorate (f) nicely/ beautifully (g) grow/cultivate/produce (h) cultivation (i) grow / cultivate (j) adorn / decorate / beautify


  1. (a) play (b) remain/ are (c) come (d) participating/ working (e) got/ received (f) are serving/ working (g) prove/ show (h) gender (i) off (j) go


  1. (a) important/ significant/ vital/ pivotal/ key/ essential (b)moment/time/ period (c) till/until (d) waking/working (e) share/ describe/ narrate/ express/ unfold/ communicate (f) what (g) exchange/ provide/ give/ share/ get/ receive/ gather/ have/ obtain/ convey/ transform/ collect/ communicate (h) ever/ always (i) essential/ inseparable/ integral/ important/ indispensable/ unavoidable (j) think/ perceive/ conceive/ apprehend/ feel


  1. (a) big/ large/ populous (b) of (c) reducing/ avoiding/ controlling/removing/ easing (d) solve (e) must/should (f) others (g) by (h) for (i) will (j) at


  1. (a) wants/ expects/ desires (b) factors/ elements/ things (c) may (d) believe/ think/ consider (e) necessary/ important/ essential (f) only (g) eat/ consume (h) same (i) mind (j) after


  1. (a) tendency/ practice/ rate/ trend/ mentality/ intention (b) reduced/ decreased/ minimized/ declined (c) realized/ understood/ felt (d) practice/ act/ deed/ activity/ task (e) controlled/ eliminated/ stopped/ uprooted/ eradicated (f) but (g) expel (h) causes/ incurs/ inflicts/ makes (i) from (j) without/ lacking/ except


  1. (a) hungry (b) looking/ searching (c) food (d) tired/upset (e) under (f) piece (g) saw/ noticed (h) get/ have (i) What (j) can


  1. (a) such (b) life (c) on (d) the (e) electricity/ it (f) can’t (g) shortage/ lack/ deficiency/ problem (h) of (i) So/As a result (j) become


  1. (a) trunk (b) with/using (c) around (d) on (e) up (f) away/off (g) of (h) its/the (i) make/keep (j) creation/organ/limb


  1. (a) member/ developing (b) democratic (c) development/humanitarian (d) with (e) signed/ accepted (f) for (g) with (h) committed/trying (i) sanitation (j) disabled/ citizens


  1. (a) think/ remember/ consider (b) fill (c) eat (d) health (e) who (f) food (g) have (h) means (i) know (j) if


  1. (a) edifice (b) edge (c) enormous (d) covering/occupying (e) unique/ superb/ excellent (f) support (g) curved (h) passage/course (i) founder (j) declaration


  1. (a) people (b) prefers (c) have (d) has (e) says (f) hair (g) bald (h) curly (i) in (j) loves


  1. (a) has increased (b) warming (c) around (d) huge (e) high (f) level (g) are (h) report (i) areas (j) of


  1. (a) way (b) reports (c) change (d) aware (e) eager (f) unity (g) result (h) power (i) blamed (j) situation


  1. (a) pleasure (b) can (c) without money (d) any/due/proper (e) like/love (f) pity/ mercy (g) earn (h) in (i) bring (j) mental/ psychological


  1. (a) sweet (b) connected/mixed (c) with (d) till (e) with (f) and (g) considered (h) says (i) feet (j) bends


  1. (a) use/ speak (b) first/ native (c) second/foreign (d) organisations (e) communicate (f) newspapers (g) English (h) working/ commanding (i) cannot (j) learning/ knowing


  1. (a) significant (b) entertainment (c) appeal (d) satellite (e) westernized (f) instruments (g) modern (h) popular (i) young (j) today/ nowadays


  1. (a) illogical/unnatural (b) mistake (c) learn (d) learn (e) emphasis/importance/ attention (f) speak (g) think/ mean (h) learn (i) reading (j) magazines


  1. (a) common (b) increased (c) number (d) enough (e) like (f) maintain/ obey (g) become (h) ahead (i) ignoring/ violating/ disobeying (j) drive


  1. (a) live (b) need (c) many (d) make/ weave (e) build (f) grow/ produce/ cook/ prepare (g) working (h) care (i) mind (j) without


  1. (a) drawn (b) insufficient (c) most (d) lack (e) wide (f) emergency (g) In (h) workers (i) on (j) killed


  1. (a) though (b) interview (c) performance/ career/ progress (d) deal (e) candidate (f) advantage (g) lot (h) what (i) way (j) How


  1. (a) started/ set out (b) carrying (c) ever (d) sinking (e) voyage/journey (f) across (g) on (h) collision (i) happened (j) flooded/ sunk


  1. (a) fall (b) breaking (c) extended (d) application/exertion (e) are affected (f) increasing (g) reflected (h) like (i) atmosphere (j) before


  1. (a) historical (b) field (c) gained/ achieved/ got (d) momentous (e) broke (f) destroyed (g) many (h) independent (i) war (j) high


  1. (a) expenses (b) would (c) training (d) completing (e) got/borrowed (f) started (g) making (h) which (i) profit (j) unemployed


  1. (a) having/with (b) filled/ burdened (c) live (d) densely (e) high (f) controlled (g) goes (h) face (i) come (j) raise


  1. (a) necessary/needed (b) reasons (c) prestige (d) crossed (e) reach (f) unique (g) global/ all (h) wide (i) occurred (j) influenced


  1. (a) dropped (b) fell (c) had (d) terrible/ violent (e) was invented (f) used/ applied (g) destroyed (h) beautiful/ big (i) been (j) involved


  1. (a) preparation (b) fit/eligible (c) is (d) learns/ prepares (e) does (f) other hand/ contrary (g) sorry (h) kept/borne (i) lost/ missing (j) long


  1. (a) major/ great/main/greatest/basic (b) country (c) cities (d) areas (e) problem/ scarcity (f) increasing (g) difficult/ hard (h) people (i) cost (j) solved/ uprooted/ removed


  1. (a) return (b) angry/ annoyed (c) lame (d) going (e) carry (f) sent (g) carry (h) eat (i) realised/ understood (j) back


  1. (a) who (b) belonging (c) chop/cut (d) for (e) found (f) so (g) sudden (h) with (i) remain/keep (j) gratitude


  1. (a) amusement/ pleasure/ entertainment (b) organizations (c) venues/ countries/ times (d) exchange/ place (e) advertising (f) during/ through (g) telecast (h) live (i) result (j) enjoy/ watch
  2. (a) professional (b) impression (c) attention (d) ostentatious (e) prepared (f) requirements (g) convey (h) enthusiasm (i) characteristics (j) succeed
  3. (a) inequality (b) vulnerable (c) life-cycle (d) subsequent (e) impact (f) intergenerational (g) unique/ unusual (h) female (i) education (j) tomorrow’s
  4. (a) soared (b) gradually (c) victim (d) confined (e) movement (f) synthesizer (g) dishearten (h) relentless (i) provided (j) organization/ company
  5. (a) happened/ took place/ occurred (b) use (c) caused (d) beings (e) miseries/ sufferings (f) blew (g) took (h) lives (i) witnessed (j) were
  6. (a) sovereignty (b) separate/ distinct (c) proud of (d) achieved (e) significance (f) symbol (g) rectangular (h) breadth (i) symbolizes (j) remaining
  7. (a) excited/ happy (b) bounds (c) eager/ happy (d) like (e) remain (f) wonderful/ happy/ good (g) special (h) invited (i) parents (j) joyful/ happy/ cheerful
  8. (a) himself (b) from (c) with (d) knowledge/ perception (e) soul (f) aware (g) rejoices (h) spirit/ vision (i) imagination (j) were
  9. (a) first (b) time (c) persons (d) related/relating (e) became (f) confined (g) conquered (h) touch (i) developed (j) literacy
  10. (a) is (b) Heritage (c) mangrove (d) largest (e) enjoyable (f) see (g) the (h) destroying (i) cutting (j) protect/ save
  11. (a) below (b) many (c) remove/eradicate (d) wheel (e) sorrowful/ frustrating (f) common (g) monitored (h) caused (i) tortured (j) fulfilled
  12. (a) process (b) institution (c) training (d) challenges (e) of (f) capacity (g) education (h) right (i) ennobles (j) aware
  13. (a) most (b) of (c) but also (d) provides (e) invented (f) it (g) significant (h) telecast (i) watch (j) incomplete
  14. (a) had/ kept (b) influence (c) economic (d) illustrated/ exemplified (e) exceptional/ excellent (f) outstanding/ wonderful (g) passenger (h) up (i) popularly/ commonly (j) colourful
  15. (a) ability (b) developing/ improving (c) acquisition (d) mother (e) natural (f) usually (g) aware/ conscious (h) using (i) communicating/ communication (j) spontaneously
  16. (a) that (b) gets (c) ending (d) found (e) buy/ purchase (f) try (g) rate (h) buyer (i) seem/ feel (j) effect
  17. (a) seven (b) built (c) in (d) monument/ tomb (e) where (f) surrounded (g) in (h) different (i) However (j) at
  18. (a) when (b) dislikes (c) boys (d) with (e) up (f) inferiority (g) not/ hardly (h) dependent (i) confidence (j) a
  19. (a) there (b) academic (c) abroad (d) education/ studies (e) after (f) try (g) way (h) forward (i) reputed (j) easily
  20. (a) job/ employment (b) oneself (c) create (d) help (e) rearing (f) farming (g) are (h) sectors (i) opportunities (j) easily
  21. (a) hope/ possibility (b) parents (c) waste (d) marry (e) scarce (f) worry (g) children (h) chores (i) were (j) boy
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