Hsc English Close Test Without Clues Answer Textual

                   Close Test Without Clues



1(a) pleasurable (b) laughter (c) difficulties (d) universal (e) perceptions (f) eye (g) questions (h) are (i) truth/pleasure (j) forever

2. (a) emancipation/freedom (b) prison (c) behind (d) prisoner (e) millions (f) oppressed (g) in (h) was (i) for (j) of.

3.(a) shed (b) winners (c) form (d) Martial (e) In (f) our (g) after (h) he (i) restoring (j) met

4. (a) respectable (b) Since (c) different (d) the (e) led (f) was (g) the (h) Liberation (i) Bangalee (j) his

5. (a) proletariat (b) was (c) worked (d) schooling (e) left (f) her (g) interested (h) She (i) local (j) selected

6. (a) origin/ born (b) life (c) world/ globe (d) extraordinary (e) encouragement/ inspiration (f) made (g) a (h) Columbia (i) Earth’s (j) only

7. (a) especially (b) drives (c) within (d) in (e) frequently/ quickly/ rapidly/constantly/ repeatedly/ often (f) on (g) encounter/ face/ experience/ meet (h) has (i) and (j) drive

8. (a) intersections/ crossings/ crossroads (b) see/ find (c) weather (d) rainy (e) an (f) situations (g) journey (h) help (i) cross (j) him

9. (a) report (b) samples (c) pesticides (d) that (e) to (f) vegetables (g) also (h) lead (i) in (j) safety

10.(a) adulterated (b) foods (c) to (d) by (e) preservatives (f) and/ or (g) harmful (h) owners (i) hazard (j) important

11.(a) returning (b) journey/ voyage (c) wedding (d) narrate/ tell (e) with (f) turned (g) and (h) angry (i) wind (j) changed

12. (a) are (b) Specifically (c) complex (d) between (e) ability (f) may (g) high (h) affect (i) to (j) and

13. (a) During (b) Adolescence (c) Adolescent (d) the (e) of (f) from (g) vulnerable (h) people (i) and (j) improvement

14. (a) being (b) lose (c) lack (d) educational (e) A (f) adolescents (g) adolescent (h) fertility (i) of (j) but

15. (a) husband (b) delay (c) parents (d) with (e) the (f) continued (g) traditions (h) insulted (i) neighbours (j) on

16. (a) beset (b) huge/ large (c) in (d) seats (e) smoke (f) public (g) universities (h) major (i) private (j) charge

17.(a) cost (b) us (c) towards (d) spend (e) be (f) of (g) the (h) or (i) in (j)that

18. (a) includes (b) long (c) as (d) heart (e) music (f) is (g) of (h) is (i) mystical (j) Bhawaiya

19. (a) These (b) environmental (c) different (d) music (e) in (f) who (g) and (h) songs (i) There (j) women

20. (a) different (b) jewellery (c) an (d) or (e) of (f) our (g) These (h) and (i) part (j) many

21. (a) dynamic (b) preferences (c) little (d) bad (e) consuming (f) value (g) with (h) should (i) marketing (j) the

22.(a) collecting/ having/ getting (b) expelled (c) tradition (d) homesteads (e) scenic/ beautiful (f) enjoy/ watch (g) beach (h) attractive (i) gently (j) pleasant

23.(a) degrade (b) news (c) heart (d) sufferings (e) birth (f) humiliation (g) vice (h) burden (i) social (j) growth

24.(a) consists (b) uninfluenced (c) which (d) secular (e) springs (f) expressing (g) created (h) be (i) combination (j) example

25.(a) admires/ praises/ appreciates/ loves/ likes (b) discover/ enjoy/ see (c) surroundings (d) is (e) define (f) know (g) part (h) undesirable (i) fact/ truth (j) occupies/ takes

26.(a) clash (b) dangerous/serious (c) armed (d) casualties (e) intrapersonal (f) interpersonal (g) Constraints (h) economic (i) natural (j) serious

27.(a) gives (b) for (c) as (d) worshipped (e) of (f) comprises (g) with (h) temperature (i) searching (j) no

28.(a) potential (b) medicine (c) literally (d) built (e) delivery (f) specific (g) eliminate (h) robots (i) surgeries (j) bacteria

29.(a) versatile/gifted/talented/substantial/forceful/creative (b) touch/craftsmanship/technique/ perfection/excellence (c) inhumanity/brutality/ orthodoxy/conservativeness/ fanaticism/prejudice/ tradition/ custom/ practice (d) humanity (e) testimony (f) victim/ prey/ figure/ object/ symbol/ embodiment/ effigy (g) dowry (h) curse/violence/fierceness/fury/ prevalence/ evils (i) similar/equal/ corresponding/ akin/ equivalent (j) harassment/ torture/ oppression/ repression/ ill-treatment/ cruelty/ inhumanity/ severity/ brutality

30.(a) appreciate (b) difficult (c) discover (d) laughter (e) independent (f) universal (g) perceptions (h) ourselves (i) only (j) absence

31.(a) initiated/inaugurated (b) in (c) later (d) world/field (e) huge (f) like (g) role (h) countries (i) possible/easy (j) go

32.(a) virgin (b) regarded/ considered (c) migratory (d) ply (e) enhance/ increase (f) indigenous (g) age (h) heritage (i) considered (j) visited

33.(a) naturally (b) thoughts (c) is (d) destructive (e) uncontrolled (f) seen (g) cause (h) come (i) certainly (j) individuals

34. (a) application (b) several (c) nanotechnology (d) impressive (e) built (f) drugs (g) using (h) effects (i) used (j) help

35. (a) accept (b) Lilliputians (c) They (d) Blefuscu (e) shelter (f) the (g) there (h) account (i) lost (j) crown

36. (a) beds (b) Europe (c) flowers (d) of (e) of (f) fourth (g) glassplates (h) lets (i) stoves (j) trees

37. (a) philosophy (b) traditional (c) university (d) study (e) not (f) collecting (g) Educational (h) bowl (i) we (j) candidates

38. (a) It (b) living (c) should (d) are (e) truth (f) In (g) their (h) It (i) substance (j) atmosphere

39. (a) idea (b) of (c) most (d) offer (e) reason (f) symposiums (g) are (h) for (i) boarding (j) reasons

40. (a) publicly (b) private (c) in (d) are (e) affiliated (f) up (g) choosing (h) So (i) face (j) huge

41. (a) global (b) lot (c) world (d) should (e) areas (f) technology (g) problems (h) to (i) industries (j) will

42. (a) lies (b) is (c) manners (d) which (e) society (f) and (g) by (h) mannered (i) countries (j) country

43. (a) alone (b) together (c) keeping (d) he (e) and (f) left (g) an (h) the (i) in (j) world

44. (a) representation (b) may (c) something (d) But (e) call (f) it (g) a (h) mental (i) of (j) and

45. (a) own (b) hamper (c) has (d) of (e) about (f) identify (g) or (h) common (i) of (j) rights

46. (a) Receiving (b) enables (c) receiving (d) other (e) familiar (f) man (g) to (h) being (i) a (j) contributes

47. (a) tributary (b) level (c) the (d) of (e) environment (f) Primarily (g) This (h) for (i) made (j) our

48. (a) numerous (b) jalmahals (c) main (d) fries (e) beels (f) due (g) haor (h) many (i) supplier (j) economy

49. (a) universally (b) endangered (c) to (d) be (e) them (f) habitats (g) program (h) habitats (i) possible (j) of

50. (a) Giant (b) most (c) is (d) gets (e) They (f) climate (g) can (h) the (i) seriously (j) forward

51. (a) deltaic (b) habitat (c) are (d) Sundarbans (e) forest (f) sea (g) a (h) Royal (i) is (j) the

52. (a) catching (b) span (c) virgin (d) birds (e) with (f) coconut (g) It (h) the (i) Maghi (j) devotees

53. (a) friction (b) Among (c) conflict (d) lot (e) conflict (f) The (g) interpersonal (h) a (i) as (j) phenomenon

54. (a) Value (b) ideologies (c) involve (d) can (e) between (f) individual (g) team (h) misunderstanding (i) Conflicts (j) clashing

55. (a) people (b) They (c) heritage (d) their (e) their (f) Diaspora (g) time (h) lands/ country/ homeland (i) to (j) This

56.. (a) basically (b) It (c) should (d) violent (e) first (f) This (g) timely (h) to (i) motives (j) is

57. (a) lighted (b) ago (c) was (d) that (e) live (f) This (g) access (h) computer (i) triumph (j) mobile

58. (a) commenced/launched/initiated (b) innovations/breakthroughs (c) The (d) and (e) shaped (f) weather (g) beings (h) was (i) The (j) access

59. (a) chronic (b) arms (c) nearly (d) Leprosy (e) the (f) appear (g) symptoms (h) It (i) isolation (j) improved

60. (a) concern/ worry (b) may (c) this (d) unlike (e) to (f) neglected/overlooked/ignored (g) have (h) found (i) to (j) second

61. (a) medicine (b) Though/Although (c) case (d) different (e) best (f) deadliest (g) development (h) genetically (i) as (j) cancer

62. (a) Science (b) beyond (c) can (d) have (e) day (f) computer (g) store (h) special (i) information/data (j) is

63. (a) every (b) laughter (c) likes (d) Though (e) easy (f) beauty (g) one (h) is (i) is (j) ingredient

64.(a) are (b) steps/ stages (c) learn (d) childhood (e) Persons (f) considered (g) Of (h) who (i) older (j) for

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