Class Six English E-mail Writing

FEATURES OF E-MAIL (B-†gB‡ji ˆewkó¨vewj)

E-mail (electronic mail) ej‡Z †evSvq wWwRUvj evZ©v (digital message) hv Computer Network-Gi gva¨‡g †cÖiY Kiv nq| AvaywbK cÖhyw³i RM‡Z GwU GKwU ¸iæZ¡c~Y© f‚wgKv cvjb K‡i|

E-mail `yai‡bi nq| 1. Formal E-mail, 2. Informal E-mail. Formal E-mail A‡bKUv formal application Gi g‡Zv| Avi Informal E-mail n‡jv Informal letter Gi g‡Zv| wb‡¤œ Formal E-mail-†jLvi wbqgvewj †`qv n‡jv:

  1. †h cÖwZôvb ev e¨w³‡K E-mail Kiv nq †mB cÖwZôvb ev e¨w³i E-mail address w`‡Z n‡e| †hgb: To:
  2. †h cÖwZôvb ev whwb E-mail †cÖiY Ki‡eb †mB cÖwZôvb ev e¨w³i E-mail address w`‡Z n‡e| †hgb: From:
  3. E-mail †cÖi‡Yi date w`‡Z n‡e| †mLv‡b †cÖi‡Yi mgq D‡jøL _vK‡e|
  4. †h wel‡q E-mail cvVv‡bv n‡”Q Zv Subject-Gi ¯’v‡b wjL‡Z n‡e|
  5. Greetings-Gi ¯’v‡b Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr Rahman, ev Dear Ms Khatun wjL‡Z n‡e|
  6. Closing-Gi †ÿ‡Î Best wishes/Best regards/Regards wj‡L wVKvbv D‡jøL Ki‡Z n‡e|
  7. E-mailwU post Kivi c~‡e© Aek¨B evbvb, weivgwPý I e¨vKiYMZ ï×Zv hvPvB K‡i wb‡Z n‡e| E-mail-Gi fvlv n‡e mswÿß I mviMf©|
  8. Email-G text Gi cvkvcvwk wewfbœ Document †hgb- CV, picture, Audio/Video file, wewfbœ link cvVv‡bv hvq|
From     :   (Sender’s name and E-mail Address)

To          :   (Receiver’s E-mail address)

Date      :   (Day, date and time of sending the message)

Subject  :   (The subject of the message in short)

Dear Arif

(Salutation of the receiver)

(The body of the E-mail)
Yours ever,


(Name of the Sender)





  1. Suppose, you are Razib, The marriage ceremony of your elder sister is coming off. Now, write an e-mail to your friend Toton inviting him to your sister’s wedding.

To        :

From   :

Date    :  Tuesday, 6 October, 2016; 8.00 am.

      Subject  :       Invitation to sister’s marriage ceremony.

Dear Toton,

You will be glad to know that my elder sister’s marriage ceremony will be held on 11 October 2015. The ceremony will be held at our home. I would like to get you among us on that occasion. My parents want you to join us a day before the ceremony. Please don’t fail to come.

Your loving,




  1. Suppose, your annual examination is knocking at the door. Your father wanted to know about your progress of studies. Now, write an e-mail to your father telling him about your progress of studies.

To :

From :

Date : 1, November, 2016

     Subject: About the progress of studies.

My dear father,

Hope you are well. I received your mail yesterday. In your mail, you wanted to know about my progress of studies for my annual exam. For your information I am writing this.

I have already prepared myself well in almost all the subjects, except English. You know English seems very hard to me. I am trying my best to recover this subject before the exam. My teachers also help me in English. I hope I will be able to remove my weakness in English before the exam.

Please, pray for me so that I can cut a good figure in my annual exam.

Your loving son,



  1. Suppose, you are Nila and recently you had a pleasant train journey. Now, write an e-mail to your friend Ruma describing your experience of the journey.


To :

From :

Date : 2 May, 2016


     Sub: About journey by train.


Dear Ruma,

I am surprised to know that you have known about my first train journey from one of my friends. Now I am telling you about my recent and first journey by train.

During our summer vacation we decided to make a train journey from Dhaka to Chittagong. We were five in number and all were friends. On the fixed day we reached the Kamalapur Railway Station at 8:30 am. We bought the tickets and got into the first class compartment of the Parabat Express. The guard blew the whistle and the train began to move. As our destination was Chittagong, we kept our eyes with the passing genes and sights through the window. The trees, building, meadows and houses scened to run back. We arrived Chittagong at 3.30 pm. Our journey was very enjoyable. It gave me immense joy.

No more today.

Your loving friend,


  1. Suppose, you are Rita. You have been to your friend, Shirin’s house last week and have a hearty treatment there. Now, write an e-mail to her thanking for the hospitality.

To        :

From   :

Date    :  Saturday, 1 August 2016; 10.00 pm

      Subject  :       Thanks for the hospitality.

Dear Shirin,

It has been a week I am back from your house, but the hospitality received from your family members is still afresh. Your mother and younger sister were very cordial to me. I enjoyed every items of food that aunty specially made for me. I shall never forget their hospitality and cordiality. Please convey my thanks to all the members of your family, especially aunty and Tina.

Yours loving,


  1. Suppose, you are Shimul. You have a friend abroad named Michael who wants to know about your country. Now, write an e-mail to him.

To        :

From   :

Date    :  Monday, 15 June, 2016; 10:00 am

      Subject  :       The beauty of our country.

Dear Michael,

You wanted to know about my country. My country is rich in natural beauties. She has the longest sea beach in the world. Also, she has coral Island, St. Martin. Besides, Khagrachori, Nilgiri, Bandarban, Kaptailake, Jaflong, Sylhet, Mangrove forests in the Sundarbans, etc are very much attractive. Here people are very cordial and hospitable. People of all community live in harmony and peace. Our country is full of greenery. The beauty of green paddy fields is incomparable to that of any other country. If you visit, you will be highly amused.

Thank you.

Yours ever,


  1. Suppose, you are Minhaj. You have been promoted to class VII. You will have to buy some books. This is why you need some money. Now, write an e-mail to your father asking some money.

To :

From :

Date : 31, December, 2016

     Subject: Asking for some money.

     Dear father,

Hope you are well. You will be very glad to know that the result of my annual exam has been published. By the blessing of Allah I secured A+ in all my subjects. My teachers praised me a lot for my glorious result. Our class will be started soon. For my new class I need immediately. One of my teachers told me that I need at least 1500 taka to buy the books. Please, send me the said money as rearly as possible.

Please ender my best regards to mother.

No more today.

Your son


  1. Suppose, you are Sayeed. One of your friend, Rubel’s mother is no more. Now, write an e-mail to him condoling his mother’s death.

To        :

From   :

Date    :  Monday, 20 April, 2016; 8.00 pm.

      Subject  :       Condoling your mother’s death.


Dear Rubel,

It came to me as a sudden event when I learnt that aunty is no more. I have hardly any words to give you solace in this sorrow. To me aunty was no less than my mother. I know you are heart broken. But, this is the universal law of life. You will have to bear with it. If you break down, other members of the family will also break down. So, please, be strong. I pray to the Almighty so that He gives you enough strength to overcome this sorrow.

Yours ever,


  1. Suppose, you are Tumpa. You are going to arrange a birthday party. Now, write a letter to your friend Sonia inviting her to your birthday.


To :

From :

Date : Friday, 19 February 2016.

     Sub: Invitation to birthday party.

Dear Sonia,

You will be very happy to hear that I am going to arrange my 16th birthday party on next Friday. I have invited some of my friends and relatives. You are invited. I will be very happy if you attend the party in the evening. It will be a great time for all of us. Don’t miss the date and hope you will come as soon as possible.

Keep fine.

Yours ever,


  1. Suppose, you are Dina and your friend is Niru. You are going to arrange a picnic soon. You like to invite your friend to join the picnic. Now, write an e-mail to your friend inviting him to the picnic.


To :

From :

Date : 31 January, 2016

Sub: Invitation to a picnic.

Dear Niru,

I hope you are well. Today I am giving you a good news. You will be glad to know that we are going to arrange a picnic on 7 February. We have selected Sonargaon as our picnic spot which is also a historical place. We have already taken all preparations for the programme. We have hired a bus. All our friends are going to join the picnic. I invite you to join us. Your presence will add pleasure to the picnic. So, try to be present in time.

We will be waiting for your kind arrival in the picnic.

Yours ever,


  1. Suppose, your brother is careless about his studies. Now write an e-mail to your younger brother advising him to be serious in studies.

To :

From :

Date : 3.2.2016

     Sub: Advising to be serious in studies.

Dear Miran,

I have come to know that nowadays you become careless about your studies. I have also learnt that you are keeping bad companies. You should know that time is very important in our life. So, you should be very sincere about your studies. Student life is the seed time of a man’s life. You should utilise this time seriously. So, give up your bad companies and make yourself a brilliant student, good son and a responsible citizen.

Keep fine.

Your elder brother


  1. Suppose, your mother is ill. Your brother is away from home. Now, write an e-mail to your elder brother telling your mother’s illness.


To :

From :

Date : 3.4.2016

Sub: Informing mother’s illness.

Dear brother,

I like to inform you that our mother has been suffering from high fever for a long time. I am very much worried of her. The doctor advised us to take her to hospital for well treatment. So, you need to come home immediately.

Your sister


  1. Suppose, your brother Sumon does not know the importance of physical exercise. Now, write an e-mail to your brother about the importance of physical exercise.

To :

From :

Date : 5.2.2016

Sub: About the importance of physical exercise.

Dear Sumon,

You mentioned that you are not keeping fit these days. I am worried about your health. I don’t think that you take physical exercise. Progress in studies is possible when you have a sound body and mind. Actually physical exercise is essential to keep good health. So, you have to take physical exercise regularly. There are various kinds of exercises. You may start with walking. It will give you a feeling of joy and cheerfulness. If you do so, you will remain free from diseases and be able to study more. You will interest and attraction to everything.

No more today stay fine.

Your loving brother,



  1. Suppose, you are Runa. You have visited your village home during summer vacation. Now, write an e-mail to your friend Dina telling her how you have spent your summer vacation.

To :

From :

Date : 2.4.2016

Sub: About summer vacation.

Dear Dina,

You wanted to know how I spent my summer vacation. You will be glad to know that I spent an excellent summer vacation. I am writing you about it.

To enjoy my summer vacation I went to my village home. My grand parents were very happy to get me. Our village is a very beautiful place. It stands on the bank of a river. Everyday I used to take bath in the river with my cousins. There is a large orchard in front of our village home. Various kinds of flowers are available there. We also played various outdoor games. In a word, I enjoyed the vacation very much. Write to me about your vacation.

No more today.

Yours ever


  1. Suppose, you want to be a doctor in future. Now, write an e-mail to your friend Rana about your aim in life.

To :

From :

Date : 17.02.2016


     Sub: Information about aim in life.


Dear Majumdar,

You have written that you are interested to know about my aim in life. I am telling you about my aim in life now.

I want to be a doctor. The people of our country suffer from various kinds of diseases. They do no get proper treatment. Poor people are unable to take proper medicines also. So, I have made up my mind to be a doctor and want to stand beside the people. I will try to give them proper treatment.

Hope, you are well, Render my best regards to your parents.

Your living friend,


  1. Suppose, you are taking preparation for your coming examination. Now, write an e-mail to your father telling about it to him.


     To :

From :

Date : 2.5.2016

     Sub: About the preparation of coming exam.

Dear father,

You wanted to know about my preparation for the coming exam. You know my exam will be held next month. I’m taking preparation. I’ve already completed all the chapters of all the subjects except English. English seems difficult to me. My teachers help me when I face problems in the subject. I hope, I’ll be able to complete the syllabus before a week of the exam. Bless me for my better preparation.

Hope, you’re all keeping fine at home.

Your loving son,


  1. Suppose, you made a picnic a few days ago. Now, write an e-mail to your friend describing the picnic that you have made.


To :

From :

Date: 10 December, 2016.

     Subject: Description of a picnic.

Dear Khalid,

You will be glad to know that I made a picnic at Sonargaon a few days ago. We hired a bus to go to the spot. We took all the food items and utensils with us. Some of us took camera. We ourselves cooked food and served one another. We spent the whole day there. We also play cricket. We roamed about the place and took many pictures. The picnic was very enjoyable. It would be more enjoyable if you were with us.

Your loving friend,


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