Hsc English Close Test With Clues Answer Non Textual

               Close Test With Clues

                                   Non Textual


  1. (a) lies (b) aware (c) recurrence (d) straight (e) safety (f) possibility (g) precautious (h) minimize (i) opines/has opined (j) developed


  1. (a) important (b) development (c) knowledge (d) were (e) healthy (f) enables (g) choice/ choices (h) ability (i) face (j) which


  1. (a) learning (b) intellectual (c) attain (d) enlighten (e) choices (f) sensibility (g) parochialism (h) aware (i) eloquence (j) darkness


  1. (a) significant (b) birth (c) independent (d) history (e) division (f) oppress (g) attacked (h) took (i) surrender (j) victory


  1. (a) matter (b) careful (c) facing (d) make (e) rescued (f) thinking (g) completely (h) story (i) tells (j) cheated


  1. (a) necessary (b) follow (c) through (d) begins (e) budget (f) have (g) all (h) carefully (i) careful (j) use


  1. (a) gained (b) successfully (c) explore (d) revolutionary (e) communicate (f) global (g) isolated (h) comes (i) disaster (j) accelerated


  1. (a) extended (b) is (c) at (d) needs (e) for (f) have (g) share (h) in (i) on (j) were


  1. (a) habitats (b) extinction (c) cut (d) recklessly (e) increase (f) rising/increasing (g) warming (h) anticipated (i) catastrophe (j) imperative


  1. (a) protect (b) survive (c) different (d) colour (e) surroundings (f) from (g) moves (h) leaf (i) escapes (j) looks


  1. (a) change (b) presence (c) recognised (d) work (e) counted (f) establish (g) entering (h) educated (i) opting (j) cocoons


  1. (a) eating (b) mind (c) satisfy (d) preserve (e) needs (f) happens (g) knowledge (h) nutrition (i) balanced (j) available


  1. (a) in (b) experts (c) biology (d) expectancy (e) warned (f) have (g) caused (h) regarded (i) ninety (j) live


  1. (a) landless (b) married (c) teenage (d) working (e) are (f) ocasionally (g) feeble (h) malnutrition (i) thatched (j) begging


  1. (a) control (b) gradually (c) confined (d) power (e) limited (f) through (g) voice (h) sound (i) handicap (j) slow


  1. (a) Addressing/ To address (b) paramount (c) to ensure (d) in vain (e) solved (f) called (g) balance (h) originates (i) must (j) upliftment


  1. (a) descend (b) raise (c) earned (d) domination (e) merely (f) freedom (g) from (h) rightful (i) world (j) and


  1. (a) martyr (b) intellectual (c) failure (d) Conspiracy (e) prevailed (f) enforced (g) spirited (h) violating (i) locked (j) shot


  1. (a) were worshipped (b) done (c) ecological (d) important (e) providing (f) extinct (g) habitats (h) requires (i) seasonal (j) enthusiasts.


  1. (a) electronic (b) mode (c) communication (d) sent (e) simultaneously (f) based (g) transmitted (h) stored (i) personal (j) actually


  1. (a) spheres/sectors (b) women (c) returns (d) development (e) welfare (f) mothers (g) children (h) educated (i) community (j) waste


  1. (a) learning (b) over (c) possession (d) filled (e) thoughts (f) times (g) of (h) commit (i) aloud (j) known


  1. (a) means (b) than (c) not (d) maintain (e) depends (f) upon (g) raising (h) stopped/ avoided (i) keeping (j) avoid/ stop


  1. (a) prevent/protect (b) washed (c) planted/grown (d) add (e) provide/give (f) take (g) produce (h) needs (i) breathe (j) preserve/protect


  1. (a) knowing (b) happened (c) unpleasant (d) furious (e) death (f) spoil (g) execution (h) wit (i) declare (j) wretch


  1. (a) effective (b) making (c) goods (d) economy (e) competitive (f) Unless (g) merit (h) availability (i) low (j) informative


  1. (a) civilization (b) ignorant (c) development (d) modern (e) quak (f) programme (g) more (h) school (i) awareness (j) teach


  1. (a) keeping (b) praiseworthy (c) behaviour (d) talk (e) embrace (f) remain (g) traits (h) considered/ regarded (i) makes (j) friendly


  1. (a) alarming (b) increased (c) environment (d) greater (e) although (f) afflicted (g) chemical (h) * diseases (i) suffer (j) severely

* mwVK DËiwU clue †Z †`qv bvB|


  1. (a) changed/affected (b) protect/save (c) spoilt (d) endangered (e) concern (f) perish/be perished (g) Destroying/To destroy (h) saved/protected (i) means/is (j) mankind


  1. (a) considered (b) martyrdom (c) killing (d) spread (e) enforced (f) joined (g) violation (h) locked (i) injured (j) injured


  1. (a) atmospheric (b) primarily (c) given (d) accumulating (e) eventually (f) inundate (g) fundamental (h) to grow (i) depleted (j) endangered


  1. (a) expansion (b) enters (c) tremendously (d) universities (e) courses (f) traditional (g) students (h) awards (i) contribute (j) high.


  1. (a) generally (b) remains (c) which (d) logged (e) intensified (f) drainage (g) troublesome (h) face (i) freely (j) activated


  1. (a) become (b) source (c) varied (d) numerous (e) even (f) enjoyable (g) distance (h) run (i) shown (j) informative


  1. (a) money (b) want (c) credit (d) street (e) opinion (f) rejected (g) scrutinised (h) friends (i) leisure (j) caprice


  1. (a) ability (b) developing (c) acquisition (d) mother (e) fact (f) using (g) communication (h) natural (i) aware (j) spontaneously


  1. (a) went (b) boost (c) given (d) needed (e) be brought (f) closed (g) included (h) develop (i) organizing (j) failure


  1. (a) international (b) speak (c) purpose (d) communicate (e) variety (f) based (g) four (h) require (i) items (j) communicative.


  1. (a) needs (b) important (c) development (d) knowledge (e) educated (f) healthy (g) Education (h) enables (i) choices (j) ability


  1. (a) Although (b) see (c) touch (d) developed (e) called (f) way (g) bears (h) dots (i) tips (j) printed


  1. (a) natural (b) cost (c) commit (d) married (e) depend (f) when/ because (g) unbearable (h) very (i) suicide (j) earning


  1. (a) life (b) alphabetically (c) find (d) spelling (e) syllables (f) synonyms (g) noun (h) picture (i) friends (j) neglect


  1. (a) joyous (b) flooded (c) eager (d) want (e) remain (f) delightful (g) favourite (h) invited (i) elders (j) festive


  1. (a) presented (b) massive/spectacular (c) official (d) know (e) arrived (f) construction (g) spectacular/massive (h) permanent (i) remains (j) symbol


  1. (a) man (b) concept (c) combining (d) identity (e) student (f) went (g) pioneer/leader (h) then (i) remembered/known (j) design


  1. (a) warmer (b) unnecessarily (c) alarming (d) climate (e) change (f) evidence/evidences (g) increasing/rising (h) predict (i) risen (j) flood


  1. (a) is (b) moment (c) till (d) waking (e) express (f) what (g) obtain (h) integral (i) perceive (j) using


  1. (a) at (b) alarming (c) due (d) pollution (e) appears (f) afflicted (g) increased (h) appear (i) severely (j) different


  1. (a) importance (b) international (c) lends (d) rural/ poor (e) emphasizes (f) raise (g) employment (h) impact (i) planning (j) reduce


  1. (a) for (b) returns (c) to creating (d) potential/ potentiality (e) had (f) likely (g) success (h) from (i) failure (j) resources


  1. (a) not (b) privilege (c) strategic (d) running (e) In (f) widespread (g) only (h) conquered (i) developed (j) tradition


  1. (a) outlook (b) believe (c) predetermined (d) ordained (e) fate (f) sorrows (g) hold (h) undergo (i) amply (j) attitude


  1. (a) okay (b) day to day (c) pretty (d) costly/expensive (e) rented (f) wife (g) grow (h) income (i) expensive (j) share


  1. (a) needs (b) essential (c) enables (d) enhances (e) protect (f) carry (g) provides (h) awareness (i) redefined (j) getting


  1. (a) getting on (b) slow pace (c) easy (d) beautiful (e) probably (f) simply (g) impression (h) friendly (i) library (j) residence


  1. (a) reputation (b) keeping (c) noticed (d) usually (e) embrace (f) introduction (g) remain (h) interpreted (i) makes (j) friendly


  1. (a) waste (b) undergoing (c) Global (d) predict (e) suitable (f) unnecessarily (g) pollution (h) unavoidable (i) brought (j) action.


  1. (a) recent (b) essential (c) about (d) device (e) called (f) abacus (g) refers (h) large (i) great (j) trained


  1. (a) both (b) collection (c) are (d) available (e) caters (f) neatly (g) looks (h) finding (i) prevails (j) submitting


  1. (a) had (b) influence (c) economic (d) illustrated (e) exceptional (f) outstanding (g) passenger (h) up (i) popularly (j) colourful.


  1. (a) developing (b) getting (c) communicate (d) seems (e) mutual (f) make (g) treat (h) ensure (i) distress (j) neighbour.


  1. (a) subservient (b) dominated (c) husbands (d) considered (e) issue (f) beaten up (g) protect (h) law (i) save (j) education


  1. (a) illiterate (b) evil (c) acute (d) shortage (e) rapidly (f) starvation (g) primitive (h) method (i) crops (j) food


  1. (a) mother (b) nation (c) understand (d) grows (e) educated (f) age (g) touch (h) knows (i) nurture (j) indebted


  1. (a) source (b) comes (c) which (d) called (e) kinds (f) eat (g) other (h) increase (i) grown (j) use


  1. (a) ways (b) indifferent (c) invited (d) got (e) think (f) gorgeously (g) receive (h) appear (i) rich (j) shabby


  1. (a) lies (b) known (c) recurrence (d) direct (e) safety (f) possibility (g) precautionary (h) reduce (i) believes (j) developed


  1. (a) provides (b) improve (c) develop (d) mentally (e) useful (f) self-reliant (g) helps (h) sympathetic (i) called (j) educated


  1. (a) densely (b) unemployed (c) employment (d) solution (e) explore (f) different (g) across (h) manpower (i) provides/can provide (j) independent


  1. (a) waste (b) managing (c) extent (d) environment (e) of (f) some (g) non-burnable (h) incinerators (i) refabricated (j) rubbish


  1. (a) Although (b) see (c) sense (d) ability (e) man (f) way (g) letters (h) dots (i) tips (j) using


  1. (a) huge (b) educate (c) available (d) needs (e) increasing (f) constraints (g) requisite (h) unusually (i) facilities (j) standard


  1. (a) looked (b) question (c) educative (d) taken (e) recreation (f) considered (g) facilities (h) concerned (i) broadcast (j) religious


  1. (a) contribution (b) promotion (c) prestigious/ famous (d) divided (e) instituted (f) invented (g) educated (h) famous (i) huge (j) treated


  1. (a) gossiping (b) experienced (c) cooking (d) goes (e) neighbours (f) visits (g) use (h) chores (i) bothered (j) discussing


  1. Ans : (a) is (b) driving (c) frequently (d) without (e) are (f) conscious (g) knowing (h) occurs (i) move (j) through


  1. (a) known (b) electronic (c) communication (d) nature (e) between (f) terminal (g) computer (h) distributed (i) individual (j) based


  1. (a) lived (b) trade (c) against (d) dressed (e) veil (f) perfect (g) sweet (h) thinking (i) indeed (j) knocked


  1. (a) job (b) oneself (c) create (d) also (e) rearing (f) raising (g) farming (h) sectors (i) opportunities (j) easily


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