Hsc English Close Test With Clues Answer Textual

                    Close Test With Clues



1.(a) defined (b) armed (c) deaths (d) within (c) called (f) among (g) interpersonal (h) cause (i) economic (j) serious/ aggressive

2.(a) greatest (b) contaminated (c) by (d) are (e) of (f) poisonous (g) more (h) preserve (i) stern (j) production

3.(a) advocated (b) apartheid (c) Leaving (d) studying (e) support (f) was branded (g) imprisonment (h) was isolated (i) oppression (j) regime.

4.(a) as (b) started (c) passed (d) and (e) in (f) since (g) with (h) President (i) program (j) After

5.(a) on (b) speech (c) of (d) the (e) In (f) Bengal (g) Through (h) Bangladesh (i) told (j) of

6.(a) skydiving (b) cosmonaut (c) launched (d) earth (e) days (f) in (g) Later (h) Supreme (i) to (j) age

7.(a) remembered (b) civilization (c) space (d) academic (e) early (f) degree (g) flew (h) receive (i) did (j) Engineering

8.(a) concern (b) are contaminated (c) detrimental (d) food (e) involved (f) preserve (g) sell (h) impact (i) stop (j) brought

9.(a) education (b) and (c) with (d) made (e) and (f) she (g) take off (h) space (i) died (j) second

10.(a) about (b) the (c) the (d) is (e) cope (f) or (g) heads (h) eagerness (i) these (j) and

11.(a) always (b) open (c) compared (d) But (e) The (f) naturally (g) that (h) human (i) sophisticated (j) as

12.(a) many (b) of (c) city (d) jam (e) or (f) to (g) miss (h) So (i) in (j) time

13.(a) possible (b) pull (c) of (d) roads (e) insufficient (f) or (g) The (h) other (i) lights (j) common

14(a) overlooking (b) praising (c) thanking (d) saying (e) through (f) Being (g) entertain (h) insolvency (i) attractive (j) expectation

15.(a) roads (b) can (c) will (d) has (e) ear (f) because (g) vehicles (h) safety (i) many (j) journey

16(a) according to (b) polite (c) quiet (d) Possibly (e) such (f) certainly (g) always (h) specially (i) effect (j) at home

17.(a) that (b) than (c) of (d) members (e) were (f) chromate (g) The (h) times (i) shrimps (j) in

18(a) Connecticut (b) neuroblastoma (c) turning (d) lemonade (e) creation (f) ultimately (g) sponsors (h) weekend (i) volunteers (j) difference.

19.(a) interval (b) was (c) seen (d) in (e) money (f) woman (g) writer (h) mind (i) flattered (j) luncheon

20.(a) anticipation (b) The (c) eat (d) Then (e) The (f) was (g) question (h) champagne (i) the (j) intention

21.(a) transition (b) behaviours (c) to (d) of (e) time (f) considerable (g) influences (h) The (i) characterised (j) and

22.(a) house (b) dowry (c) even (d) parents (e) must (f) to (g) bride (h) birth (i) uninformed (j) maternal

23.(a) information (b) heard (c) to (d) all (e) having (f) and (g) offspring (h) health (i) family (j) continued

24.(a) tiny (b) tended (c) it (d) and (e) a (f) to (g) to (h) experience (i) benefit (j) start

25.(a) secular (b) so (c) our (d) songs (e) have (f) composed (g) songs (h) life (i) of (j) kind

26.(a) influences (b) mainly (c) It (d) way (e) a (f) craftworks (g) qualities (h) its (i) is (j) and

27.(a) one (b) power (c) is (d) the (e) wonderful (f) presence (g) may (h) animals (i) and (j) kantha

28.(a) crafts (b) tradition (c) value (d) products (e) demand (f) Due (g) of (h) day (i) being (j) great

29.(a) unique (b) watch (c) attractive (d) natural (e) sandy (f) pleasant (g) migratory (h) Fishing (i) colourful (j) coconut

30.(a) on (b) She (c) from (d) learnt (e) had (f) of (g) that (h) India (i) being (j) through

31..(a) come (b) also (c) during (d) he (e) not (f) some (g) freedom (h) rebel (i) the (j) high

32.(a) identified (b) of (c) are (d) is (e) the (f) walks (g) shapes (h) for (i) called (j) and

33.(a) have (b) windows (c) can (d) is (e) the (f) doors (g) made (h) the (i) frame (j) Houses

34.(a) diaspora (b) who (c) settled (d) because (e) or (f) own (g) increasingly (h) collective (i) scholars (j) decades

35.(a) increasing (b) pressure (c) want (d) But (e) a (f) admission (g) higher (h) are (i) them (j) being

36.(a) especially (b) are (c) elders (d) of (e) feel (f) beings (g) have (h) want (i) We (j) on

37.(a) Education (b) fundamental (c) education (d) be (e) Government (f) human (g) rights (h) friendship (i) further (j) of

38.(a) alone (b) another (c) she (d) away (e) that (f) to (g) an (h) know (i) odd (j) and

39.(a) Generally (b) short (c) whole (d) Some (e) dream (f) interesting (g) short (h) differ (i) do (j) dream

40.(a) always (b) to (c) you (d) of (e) dream (f) basic (g) include (h) that (i) vivid (j) frightening

41.(a) know (b) our (c) One (d) Rivers (e) these (f) and (g) is (h) and (i) poisonous (j) past

42.(a) richest (b) than (c) both (d) government (e) haor (f) of (g) shelter (h) the (i) day (j) to

43.(a) played (b) collective (c) maintaining (d) enshrined (e) settlement (f) contribution (g) problematic (h) starting (i) credentials (j) humanitarian

44.(a) mangrove (b) The (c) wild (d) Bengal (e) only (f) study (g) seriously (h)the (i) is (j) largest

45.(a) originated (b) collecting (c) dominates (d) natural (e) having (f) plenty of (g) sandy (h) colourful (i) touches (j) tourist

46.(a) allows (b) sunset (c) the (d) at (e) slopes (f) pleasant (g) virgin (h) boats (i) surfing (j) the

47.(a) ending (b) intends (c) movement (d) a (e) violence (f) on (g) peace (h) world (i) peace (j) which

48.(a) Today (b) major (c) properties (d) conflict (e) the (f) peace (g) utopian (h) establish (i) appeared (j) the

49.(a) got (b) available (c) who (d) Seattle (e) first (f) was (g) from (h) executives (i) a (j) internet

50.(a) It (b) has (c) limbs (d) scientists (e) is (f) is (g) out (h) disease (i) used (j) on

51.(a) much (b) would (c) there (d) Martian (e) change (f) field (g) be (h) of (i) prove (j) medicine

52.(a) famous (b) quoted (c) on (d) line (e) with (f) but (g) becomes (h) died (i) represents (j) truth

53.(a) pleasurable (b) laughter (c) is (d) universal (e) perception (f) can (g) part (h) place (i) away (j) truth

54.(a) rich (b) music (c) a (d) It (e) form (f) structure (g) our (h) rural (i) famous (j) music

55.(a)threatening (b) adulterated (c) pesticides (d) human (e) food (f) it (g) food (h) that (i) markets (j) findings

56.(a) disagreement (b) opposition (c) attempt (d) goal (e) involved (f) varied (g) paving (h) pertain (i) resulting (j) integral

57.(a) dreamt (b) mission (c) to materialise (d) stepped (e) follower (f) pioneers (g) travel (h) Being (i) are refreshing (j) great

58.(a) applied (b) imagination (c) signature (d) presence (e) appreciation (f) generates (g) interaction (h) is distinguished (i) determining (j) were bought

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