Hsc English Close Test With Clues Non Textual

                    Close Test With Clues

                                          Non Textual

  1. DB ’17 [Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka-’16; Govt. Fazilatunnesa Mohila College, Bhola-’16
Recur Safe Opine Aware Develop Precaution
Minimize Lie Compulsory Straight Loss Possibility

It’s a matter of great concern that Bangladesh (a) — in the active earthquake zone. Most of the Bangladeshi are fully (b) — of its severity. Experts are alarmed by the (c) — of quakes during recent years. But they give no (d) — answer to the question of (e) — about the buildings of Dhaka city. Since there is every (f) — of earthquakes in Bangladesh, experts call for taking adequate (g) — measures to (h) — losses. Rajuk (i) — that an earthquake resistant building code should be (j) —.


  1. DinajB ’17
who health choice be develop enable
able ability importance face which know

Education is one of the basic needs of a human being. It is (a) — for the (b) — of mind. Many illiterate people do not have any (c) — of health. If they (d) — educated, they could live a (e) — and planned life. Education teaches us how to live well. It (f) — us to make the right (g) — in life. It enhances our (h) — to perform our duties properly and (i) — our everyday problems. In fact, it is education (j) — brings positive changes in our life.


  1. CB ’17
eloquent darkness awareness learn intellectual attain
enlighten choice sensibility purpose human parochialism

Education is the process by which our mind develops through formal (a) — at an institution. It is mental and (b) — training. It provides opportunities of growth and helps to meet challenges to (c) — success. Moreover, the purpose of education is to (d) — an individual. The aim of education is also to train individuals to make right (e) —. It ennobles our mind and refines our (f) —. It broadens our outlook and removes (g) —. It helps us to be (h) — of rights and responsibilities. Education furnishes us with an (i) — in expressing truth. Therefore, it is compared to light which dispels the (j) — of ignorance.


  1. CtgB ’17
victorious champion recapitulate take birth
attack independence surrender oppression  
historical division significant    

The most (a) — event for Bangladesh is her (b) — as an (c) — nation on March 26, 1971. It is a red letter day in the (d) — of Bangladesh. After the (e) — of Sub Continent, we got Pakistan. But the Pakistanees began to (f) — our people. At first, they (g) — our language. We shall never forget the language movement of 1952. The language movement led to the mass upsurge of 1969. As a result, the war of liberation (h) — place in 1971. After nine months struggle, the Pakistanees were compelled to (i) — and we won (j) —.


  1. SB ’17 [Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College, Joypurhat-’16]
Cheat tell story completely think rescue
make face care matter promise treat

Keeping promise given to anyone is a must though it takes much perseverance to keep promise honesty. Since keeping promise is a (a) — of remembrance, we should be (b) — whenever we make promises. While (c) — an unavoidable danger, people usually (d) — any promise only to be (e) — from the situation without perfect (f) —. After being rescued most people (g) — forget the promises given. A (h) — about the pied piper of Germany (i) — how the piper was deliberately (j) — by the mayor, who has made promises to give piper one thousand guilders for his work.


  1. BB ’17
all necessary budget use rise begins
follow answer have through careful carefully

Student should be strategic about their examination. It is (a) — for an examinee to (b) — some instructions. He should go (c) — the whole question before he (d) — to write. He must make a (e) — of his time so that he can (f) — enough time to answer (g) — questions. He must write his answer (h) —. He should be (i) — about his handwriting. He can (j) — double spacing if his handwriting is tiny or very large.


  1. DB ’16 [BIAM Model School & College, Bogra-’16; Æ Patiya Govt. College, Chittagong’13; Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public School & College, Dhaka-’12 Æ Adamjee Cantt. College, Dhaka-’12 Æ Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka-’11 Æ Residential Model College, Dhaka-’10 Æ Ispahani Public School & College, Chittagong-’10 Æ Adamjee Cantt College, Dhaka-’09.
accelerate gain isolated disastrous exist explore revolution
globe noble come add former communication successful

We have got many positive things during the last century. We have (a) — tremendous advancement in the field of science. For example, man has (b) — landed on the moon. He is going to (c) — other planets. We have achieved (d) — success in the field of information technology. Now we can (e) — to any part of the world in a second. The world has become a (f) — village. No nation is (g) — from other countries. One country (h) — to help other countries during the time of (i) —. Science has certainly (j) — the process of globalisation.


  1. RB ’16
in be on has for were
nuclear need at extended sharing joint

Nazneen lives in an (a) — family. She (b) — a first year college student. Her annual exams are knocking (c) — the door. So, she (d) — to study a lot. But conditions in her family are not suitable (e) — her study. As the family in which she lives is an extended family, she does not (f) — a room of her own. She is to (g) — her room with her younger brothers and sisters and, at times, with her cousin. Besides being an extended family, there is so much noise and confusions (h) — it. Under these adverse situations she can hardly concentrate (i) — her studies. Now she wishes she (j) — in a nuclear family.


  1. DinajB ’16; CtgB ’04 n [Principal Kazi Faruky School & College, Raipur, Lakshmipur-’16; Comilla Victoria Govt. College-’13; Viqarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka-’11 Æ Rajendrapur Cantt. Public School & College, Gazipur-’11 Æ Comilla Shikkha Board Model Colelge-’11 Æ Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur-’10 Æ Khalilur Rahman College, Mollahat, Bagerhat-’10 Æ Sonar Bangla College, Comilla-’10 Æ Puran Bazar Degree Comilla, Chandpur-’10 Æ Pabna Cadet College-’09 Æ Govt. BMC Women’s College, Naogaon-’09 Æ Salimganj Degree College, Brahmanbaria-’09 Æ Govt. Barisal College-’09.
warming cut rise anticipation provide alarming imperative
increase extinction recklessly severe particularly catastrophe habitats

The destruction of forests and other (a) — is causing the (b) — of various plants and animals everyday. In the last 25 years alone the world has lost one third of its natural wealth. Forests are being (c) — down. Moreover, they are being burnt (d) — resulting in an (e) — in carbon dioxide and ultimately the water level is (f) — as a consequence of global (g) —. It is (h) — that the new century will face an overwhelming environment (i) —. It is therefore (j) — to check the reckless pollution of the environment.


  1. JB ’16, ’09 n [Govt. Shaheed Bulbul College, Pabna-’16; Agrabad Mohila College, Chittagong-14; M.C. Academy, Gopalgonj- 12 Æ The Buds Residential Model School & College, Srimangal, Moulvibazar-10]
survive surroundings look escape method leaf
protect from different move colour fly

Animals must be able to (a) — themselves from enemies in order to (b) —. Different animals have (c) — ways. Some animals have ‘protective colouring’ that is their (d) — changes to match their (e) —. The common tree toad changes (f) — gray to green when it (g) — from the trunk of a tree to a green (h) —. Similarly the dead-leaf butterfly (i) — being seen by its enemies because it (j) — like a dry leaf.


  1. CB ’16 Khulna Govt. Girls’ College’13; Shaheed Smriti Degree College, Pirojpur’13; Jhenidah Cadet College, Jhenidah-’10 Æ BN School & College, Chittagong-’09.
count enter change establish opt acknowledge presence
work reliance education recognized social unnecessary cocoons

One very conspicuous (a) — in our society is the (b) — of working women outside home. Of course it has to be (c) — that women have always worked within the household but this (d) — is not counted as ‘work’. It is unfortunate that women’s roles in agricultural societies have not been (e) — either. Whether it is due to economic necessity or the urge to (f) — an individual identity or both, nowadays many women are (g) — the outside workforce. They are joining in a wide range of professions. Moreover, it is not only (h) — women who are (i) — to work but women with little or no education have come out of their (j) — to earn and become self-reliant.


  1. CtgB ’16, ’12; DinajB ’12; CB ’07; SB-06 n Barisal Cadet College, Barisal-’14; BAF Shaheen College, Chittagong-’14; Rabita Model College, Rangamati-’14; Moqbular Rahman Govt. College, Panchagarh-’14; Govt. Azizul Haque College, Bogra’13; Police Line School & College, Rangpur’13; Comilla Residential College’13; Biswanath Degree College, Sylhet’13; Joypurhat Govt. College, Joypurhat-’12 Æ Muminunnesa Govt. Women’s College, Mymensigh- ’12 Æ Govt. Haraganga College, Munsinganj-’11 Æ Amrita Lal Day College, Barisal-’11 Æ B.N. School & College, Khulna-’10.
drink eat available nutrition satisfy happen lack
need heart balanced knowledge preserve mind for

While (a) — food, we should bear in (b) — that we do not eat just to (c) — hunger or to fill the belly. We eat to (d) — our health. For good health, a man (e) — good food. Sometimes it so (f) — that people who live even in the midst of plenty do not eat the food they need for good health because they have no (g) — of science, health and (h) —. They do not know how to select a (i) — diet from the many foods that are (j) — to them.


  1. SB ’16
have experts biology told in live sixty
cause regard expectancy expect warn at ninety

At an international conference (a) — Dublin on population trends yesterday, (b) — discussed new techniques of (c) — engineering that will soon increase the average life (d) — to 150 years. However, they (e) — that would lead to the problems that (f) — already been (g) — by the tendency to live longer. Only a few years ago, in Britain and other parts of the world, people were (h) — as “old” when they reached the age of sixty or seventy, and rarely lived beyond eighty or (i) —. Now, however, several people (j) — up to 120 years.


  1. BB ’16
be malnutrition brave teenage thatched strong
land beg work occasion feeble marriage

Ayesha Begum has three sons and two daughters. Her husband was a (a) — farmer. With great effort they (b) — their daughters off by the time they reached (c) —. The sons also started (d) — with their father as day labourers when they were old enough to help. By the time they (e) — about seventeen years old, all of them had left to work in nearby towns to earn money. At first they used to send money to their parents (f) — but after getting married, they stopped sending money. Ayesha Begum and her husband are now old and (g) —. Years of (h) — and deprivation have made them look older. All they are left with now is their broken little (i) — house. Out of desperation, Ayesha Begum has started (j) —.


  1. DB ’15
power violence slow control voice through
confine peace handicap sound limit gradually

Stephen gradually started losing (a) — over the muscles of his body as he (b) — became a victim of Gehrig’s disease. Since the age of thirty, he has been (c) — to a wheelchair with no (d) — to control his body except for some (e) — movement of his head and hands only. He can speak only (f) — a computer with a (g) — synthesizer that converts his message into (h) —. But such a tremendous physical (i) — has not managed to dishearten or (j) — him down.


  1. RB’ 15, CtgB ’10 n Ideal Commerce College, Dhaka’14,’13; Chittagong Cantonment Public College’13; Shmsul Haq Khan School & College, Dhaka-’12 Æ Agricultural University College, Mymensingh-’11 Æ Bogra Cantonment Public School & College-’11 Æ Sylhet Govt. College-’11 Æ Pirojpur Govt. Women’s College, Pirojpur-’11.
solve ensure in vain address work must always
paramount originate upliftment balance harass call never

(a) — illiteracy problem is the (b) — task of the hour. We must educate all of our people (c) — our balanced development; otherwise all of our development plans must go (d) — . If we can educate our people, half of our problems will be automatically (e) — . That’s why, education is (f) — the nerve of development. All strength and power to (g) — the development of the country (h) — from education. So, we (i) — give topmost priority on education sector if we really want the (j) — of our dear motherland.


  1. DinajB ’15 n Daud Public School & College, Jessore-’16; IBN Taimiya School & College, Comilla-’16; Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam College, Mymensingh’13; Ullapara Science College, Sirajganj-’09 Æ Dinajpur Govt. College-’08 Æ Jhenidah Cadet College-’07 Æ Govt. Commerce College, Chittagong-’07 Æ Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka-’04 Æ Kumudini Govt. College Tangail-’04 Æ Adhyapak Abdul Majid College, Comilla-’03.
earn merely chain from surplus rightful arise
world raise and dominate descend free fall

Liberty does not (a) — upon a people; a people must (b) — themselves to it. It is a fruit that must be (c) — before it can be enjoyed. That freedom means freedom only from foreign (d) — is an outworn idea. It is not (e) — the government that should be free, but people themselves should be free. And no (f) — has any real value for the common men or women unless it also means freedom from want, freedom from disease and freedom (g) — ignorance. This is the main task which confronts us if we are to take our (h) — place in the modern (i) —. So, we must go forward at a double pace bending all our resources (j) — energies to this great purpose.


  1. JB ’15
martyrdom lock intellect prevail killing enforce
clash shoot conspire spirit violate fail

One who lays down one’s life for upholding the cause of the motherland, occupies the glorious position of a (a) —. Shaheed Dr. Shamsuzzoha is such a proud son of our beloved motherland. He was the first (b) — who embraced martyrdom during the preliberation period of Bangladesh. After the (c) — of the trumped-up Agartala (d) — case, Sergeant Zohurul Haque was killed in prison by the Ayub Khan Govt. on February 1969. Following the brutal killing, a flame of protest ablazed throughout the then East Pakistan. A volatile situation also (e) — in the Rajshahi city where section 144 was (f) — to prevent the agitating students from taking part in any protest. But the students of Rajshahi University were (g) — and bold enough to bring out a vigorous procession (h) — section 144 that subsequently led them to be (i) — in a clash with the police and the armed forces. The armed forces started to take up their positions against the students. Dr. Zoha came forward to save the students and ultimately, he was (j) — dead.


  1. CB ’15 n [Chittagong Cantonment Public College, Chittagong-’16; Ideal School & College, Motijheel, Dhaka13]
requiring provide interesting importance extinction habitat
enthusiast factors ecology worship season doing

Bird-watching has been a favourite pastime for many nature-lovers. In the past, some birds (a) — as messengers of the gods. Bird watching these days is (b) — for the fun of finding out more about our feathered friends. In recent years, birds have become the barometers of (c) — changes around us. Bird-watchers have made (d) — contributions towards (e) — information about which birds have vanished from which areas or become (f) — altogether. They even are trying to find out the factors which are having bad effects on their (g) —. Bird-watching (h) — a lot of perseverance and might cover days, months or years, through summer or winter, heat or rain to observe (i) — habits of birds. Real (j) — have even gone to remote islands to observe birds. Bird-watching is quite well known in many countries of the world.


  1. CtgB ’15, ’07 n Trishal Mohila Degree College, Mymensingh’13; Royal Media College, Mymensingh’13; Hazi Lalmia City College, Gopalganj’13; Cantt. Public School & College, Khulna- ’12 Æ Ahammad Uddin Shah Shishu Niketan School & College, Gaibandha-’11 Æ Sonar Bangla College, Comilla-’11 Æ Hajiganj Model College, Chandpur-’11.
communication personal easily store improve time transmitted
simultaneously electronic sent mode actually base established

        E-mail means (a) — mail. It is an electronic (b) — of communication. E-mail (c) — is user to user but telex communication is terminal to terminal. Telephone connection often takes a lot of time to be (d) — because both the caller and the called must be present (e) —. But e-mail is a computer (f) — system and the messages that are (g) — via the computer become (h) — in the mail box of an individual’s (i) — computer without the need of his being (j) — present. Thus, e-mail saves both time and money.


  1. SB’ 15, CB ’11 n Noapara Model Degree College, Jessore-’16; Govt. City College, Chittagong-’14; Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Govt. Mohila College, Gopalganj’13; Akij Collegiate School, Jessore’13; Satkhira Govt. Mohila College’13; Viqarunnisa Noon School & College- ’12 Æ Barisal Cadet College-’11 Æ B.A.F. Shaheen College, Dhaka-’11 Æ Jessore Cantonment College-’11Æ Lohagara Adarsha Mahavidyalaya, Narail-’11.
waste community sphere women family returns
educate develop children welfare mother sector

Education for girls is essential for the development in all (a) ¾ of the society. So, investments in the education of (b) ¾ will bring in greater (c) ¾ in the field of economic and social (d) ¾ . Educated women can contribute more to the family (e) ¾ than those who have no schooling. Educated (f) ¾ are more likely to send their (g) ¾ to school and look after their health and nutrition. Thus (h) ¾ women can contribute to the (i) ¾ development. On the other hand, failure to educate women is a tremendous (j) ¾ of human resource.


  1. BB’ 15, JB ’03 n Rajshahi College, Rajshahi-’14; Tejgaon College, Dhaka-’10 Æ Police Line School & College, Rangpur-’09 Æ Haji Mohammad Muhsin College, Chittagong-’08 Æ BEPZA Public School and College-’08 Æ Govt. HSS College, Magura-’07.
learn quickly over commit explain thoughts of
enriched aloud times know possession reading filled

Young people often consider (a) — poetry by heart a tiresome drudgery. But the learning of poetry has great advantage (b) — merely reading it. Poems that have been learnt become a permanent personal (c) —. The mind is (d) — with a store of beautiful or lofty (e) — and ideas which may be a source of pleasure, comfort and inspiration at (f) — when the books are not at hand. Poems selected for learning, however, should be worthy (g) — the time to be spent on them and should be those which make a strong appeal to the learner. The best way to (h) — a poem to memory is not to learn it line by line, but to read the whole poem (i) — over and over again until it is thoroughly (j) —.


  1. DB ’14; BB ’09; CtgB ’08 n Sreemangal Govt. College’13; Dania College, Dhaka-’12 Æ Govt. Mujibur Rahman Women’s College, Bogra-’11 Æ Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail-’09 Æ Bogra Public School & College-’08.
with improve not mean maintain raise avoid
take easily than keep depend upon stop

Overeating (a) — taking too much food (b) — one needs. We eat (c) — to overload our stomach but to (d) — a sound health. A sound health (e) — on eating habit to some extent. Overeating tells (f) — our health. By (g) — awareness of the people, the/ this habit of overeating can be (h) —. With a view to (i) — our body fit, we should (j) — taking too much food.


  1. RB ’14; DinajB ’10; BB ’08; DB ’03 n Military Collegiate School & College, Khulna-’16; Shachindra College, Habiganj-’16; Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi-’14; Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College’13; Juranpur Adarsha University College, Comilla’13; Govt. Shah Sultan College, Bogra-’11 Æ Armed Police Battalian Public School & College, Bogra-’11 Æ Mongla College, Bagerhat-’11 Æ Sylhet Commerce College, Sylhet-’11 Æ Dhaka Imperial College, Jahanabad, Khulna-’09.
add breathe need plant prevent wash gather
produce protect provide take give preserve grow

        Trees are very useful to human beings. They (a) — the rich top soil from being (b) — away by rainwater and floods. You can see trees being (c) — along mountain slopes, on road sides, in parks and gardens. Trees give us shade. They (d) — life to a place with their colourful flowers, beautiful leaves, fruits and thick trunks. They (e) — shelters for birds and animals. They give us timber, medicines, paper, gum and many other useful things. They (f) — in carbon-di-oxide and (g) — oxygen. As you know, by now man (h) — oxygen to (i) — and live. Trees are our best friends. We should (j) — them and plant more trees around us.


  1. DinajB ’14; CB ’10; BB ;10; RB ’09; SB ’03 n Faujdarhat Cadet College, Chittagong-’16; Govt. Azizul Haque College, Bogra-’14, Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam College, Mymensingh-’12 Æ Fultala Degree Girls College, Khulna-’12 ÆGhatail Cantt Public School & College, Tangail-’11 Æ Khalilur Rahman College, Bagerhat-’11 Æ Ispahani Public School & College, Comilla-’09 Æ Cox’s Bazar City College-’09.
happen furious die execution live unpleasant expire
wit pleasant declare wretch cause spoil knowing/ know

Once upon a time, there was a king who was very fond of (a) — his future from the astrologers.  A famous astrologer (b) — to stop at his capital on his way to Benaras/ Bombay. The king called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something (c) —. At this the king got (d) — and condemned him to (e) — saying, “Men like you should not live to (f) — the peace of the world.” But another thought had crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for (g) —. “How long will you live?” asked the king. With ready (h) — the astrologer said, “The stars (i) —  that I shall die only a week before your majesty. So, good bye.” Hearing this, the king turned pale like a dead man and shouted, “Drive this (j) —  away, let him not come here again.”


  1. JB ’14
but get economy effective informative make goods
depend merit available best competitive unless low

In the present world, advertisement is the most (a) — and recognised means of (b) — people know about the products and (c) — of a company. With the introduction of open market (d) —, production system has become very (e) —. But only producing quality goods is not the last thing to do. (f) — people know about the products, goods will not sell on its own (g) —. Advertisement will serve that purpose of informing people of the quality, price and (h) — of goods or products concerned. Even effective advertisement will motivate people to buy goods of even (i) — quality. So advertisement has got both persuasive and (j) — quality.


  1. CB ’14 n [Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College, Sylhet-’16; Akij Collegiate School, Navaron, Jessore-14]
civilization ignorant quack school more programme teach
development awareness work hard people home modern

It is a great tragedy that after many years of independence, illiteracy still remains one of the greatest problems in Bangladesh. It is one of the serious threats to progress and (a) — that our country has to face. Illiteracy keeps people (b) — and superstitious. It is a strong obstacle in the way of (c) —. There are still many people who do not believe in (d) — medicine. They prefer to go to the village (e) — who gives them charms and promises to work miracles. They refuse to take part in any family planning (f) —. They think that the more children they have, the (g) — bread earners there will be. They are not educated themselves nor do they want to send their children to (h) —. We must try to grow (i) — among our countrymen about the need of education. We who are fortunate enough to attend school should (j) — those who do not have this facility.


  1. CtgB ’14 [Syed Shah Mostafa College, Moulvibazar-’16]
control keep remain talk consider trait
embrace make behave friendly praiseworthy regard

The habit of the British for (a) — their emotions private is (b) —. Some obvious things are noticed in the (c) — of the British. For example, on public transport one passenger does not usually (d) — to another passenger. On first meeting, people do not (e) — and often simply shake hands. In theatres, concert halls and cinemas audiences (f) — quiet during the performance. None of these (g) — of their conduct should be (h) — as unfriendliness. If a visitor (i) — the first move to start a conversation, he will find a British citizen rather (j) —.


  1. SB ’14 n Sylhet Cadet College, Sylhet-’16; Feni Girls’ Cadet College, Feni-’16; Motijheel Model School & college, Dhaka-’16; Lutfor Rahman Matin Mohila Degree College, Tangail-’16; Viqarunnisa School and College, Dhaka-’14.
experts fertilizers although increase chemical believe
environment alarm severely suffer greater afflict

Many diseases are rising at an (a) — rate, which experts believe is due to (b) — pollution of the (c) —. Pollution appears to be (d) — in urban areas (e) — rural societies too are (f) — by increased use of (g) — fertilizers and insecticides. Nevertheless, today city people appear to suffer from many more (h) — and (i) — more (j) — than country people.


  1. BB ’14; CB ’13 n Moulvibazar Govt. Women’s College, Moulvibazar-’14; Chandranath College, Netrakona ’13; Pirojpur Govt. Women’s College’13.
mankind endanger be save concern mean affect
protection destroy species perish spoil change extinct

All species are important for maintaining ecological balance. If one is lost, the whole natural environment gets (a) —. We should (b) — our wildlife to protect the environment from being (c) —. Many countries are now taking action to protect their (d) — wildlife. Mankind must develop a (e) — for wild creatures and must ensure that they will not (f) —. (g) — wild creatures means destroying ourselves. It is high time we (h) — them. Love for animals (i) — love for (j) —.


  1. DB ’13 n Muminunnissa Govt. Women’s College, Mymensingh13
lock join spread violate wound take
term injure kill enforce martyr consider

Shaheed Doctor Shamsuzzoha is (a) — to be the first intellectual who attained (b) — during the pre-liberation period of Bangladesh. Following the (c) — of Sergent Zohurul Hoque in prison by the autocratic Ayub Khan goverment, a flame of protest (d) — throughout erstwhile East Pakistan. On February 17, 1969 Section 144 was (e) — on Rajshahi city. The students of Rajshahi University who had (f) — the protest, took out a procession in (g) — of Section 144 and were (h) — in a clash with police in front of the residence of the Principal of Rajshahi Medical College. As a result, several students were (i) —. On hearing this, Doctor Zoha a professor of chemistry and proctor of the University, rushed to the spot and took the (j) — students to hospital.


  1. RB ’13 n [Qadirabad Cantonment Sapper College, Natore-’16; Comilla Shikkha Board Model College13]
fundamentally atmosphere deplete fall accumulate eventual
endanger give inundate primary grow coal

Scientists have recently reported that polar ice caps are melting. This is due to rise in (a) — temperatures known as the ‘Greenhouse Effect’. Carbon dioxide is (b) — responsible for temperature rise in atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is (c) — off when coal and oil are burnt. This gas is (d) — in the air and the ice caps in the North and South poles are melting. This may (e) — lead to a rise in the sea levels which could (f) — many areas of the globe. The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is just one of the many (g) — changes which are taking place in the environment. Tropical rain forests, which took fifty million years (h) — are being (i) — at the rate of fourteen acres per minute. The total area of the world’s deserts is increasing every year. Many species of animals and plants are (j) — with the threat of extinction.


  1. DinajB ’13
tremendously expansion Enter Universities subscribe awards high
traditional students course rewards contribute much  

Higher education in Britain has experienced a dramatic (a) —. One in three young people now (b) — higher education compared to one in six in 1989. The number of graduates also has increased (c) —. There are some (d) — in Britain which offer (e) — in a wide range of subjects including (f) — arts subjects as well as science and technology. Over 90% (g) — receive government (h) — covering tuition fees and a maintenance grant. Parents also (i) — the amount depending on their income. The overseas students have to pay very (j) — tuition fees.


  1. JB ’13
activate general face freely water remain be
troublesome because which log drainage intensify part

We (a) — fall into jam on the roads and streets. Sometimes, specially in rainy season water (b) — stagnant on the road even for 2/3 days (c) — causes a serious traffic jam. Water remains (d) — on the road from 1 to 1.5 feet. The rain gets (e) — with dust, mud etc. Most of the time the (f) — system is not active and it becomes (g) — for the passerby. The pedestrians (h) — a lot of problems as they can’t move (i) —. The drainage system should be (j) — and city authorities should be careful in this respect.


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even distance watch information become source
run show enjoy vary see numerous

Television has (a) — the most common and widespread (b) — of entertainment of the present world. A wide range of programmes of (c) — interest is telecast on (d) — channels. Almost every middle class and (e) — working class families have a television set today. Television programmes are not only (f) — but also highly educative. For example, television is used for (g) — learning. Courses (h) — by the Open University are (i) — on BTV. Several channels like the Discovery and the National Geographic channels telecast highly (j) — programmes.


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caprice leisure neglect street scrutiny credit
want opinion employment reject friends money

Literally and truly, one cannot get on well in the world without (a) —. To be in (b) — of it, is to pass through life with little (c) — or pleasure; it is to be despised; it is not to be asked out to dinner, or noticed in the (d) — ; it is not to have your (e) — consulted or else (f) — with contempt, it is to be (g) — by strangers and neglected by (h) —, it is to forego (i) —, freedom, ease of body and mind, to be dependent on the good will and (j) — of others.


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aware mother usual develop use spontaneous acquisition
ability natural acquire learning fact competent communication

Communicative competence refers to the (a) — to use language appropriately in various circumstances. There are two ways of (b) — communicative competence in a language. The first is (c) — which is similar to the way people develop ability in their (d) — tongue. They are aware only of the (e) — that they are (f) — the language for (g) —. It is a (h) —, subconscious process in which users are not (i) — of acquiring a language. In non-technical terms, acquisition is ‘picking up’ a language (j) —.


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bring need spend give include fail
go organize boost close development proper

If all the children in Bangladesh (a) — to school, the country would get rid of the curse of illiteracy. To (b) — up education, the government should spend more money. Subsidies must be (c) — in the education sector. Teachers are (d) — to be trained for good teaching. The poor students can (e) — under ÔFood for EducationÕ program. We should take care that no institution is (f) — down due to political clashes. More co-curricular activities are to be (g) — to enable the students to (h) — their non-academic skills¾like debate, creative thinking and (i) — events etc. It is our social responsibility to educate our children and the (j) — of which will lead to a catastrophe.


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purpose item communication require speaks tradition four
foreign variety international base imply communicative skill

English is called an (a) — language. In almost all countries, there are people who can (b) — English. No other language than English serves the (c) — of a common language through which people can (d) — with one another across the national border. We should learn English for a great (e) — of purposes. English is a skill (f) — subject. We should therefore learn the (g) — skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The communicative approach to learning English does not (h) — one to know or learn definitions of grammar (i) —. Traditional grammar has little or no place in learning English through the (j) — approach.


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enable educated choice importance healthy food
develop protect need education know ability

Education is one of the basic (a) — of a human being. It is (b) — for the (c) — of mind. Many illiterate people do not have any (d) — of health. If they were (e) —, they could live a (f) — and planned life. (g) — teaches us how to live well. It (h) — us to make the right (i) — in life. It enhances our (j) — to face our everyday problems.


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read use tips see dots print
although touch develop bear way call

(a) — blind people cannot (b) —, their sense of (c) — becomes far more (d) — than that of most sighted people. This ability was put to use by  brilliant man (e) — Louis Braille. In the early 19th century, he invented a (f) — of writing which (g) — his name. The Braille system reproduces the letters of the alphabet by a series of (h) — in certain positions, which are raised on the paper. The blind person runs the (i) — of his fingers across the pages of the Braille book and can work out the letters and numbers (j) — there.


  1. BB ’12
spend commit when unbearable nature earn gender
world depend suicide married very cost because

It is very (a) — that man loves his life most of all things and he wants to live or survive a bit longer at any (b) —. However, every year thousands of people (c) — suicide in Bangladesh. It is seen that most of the people committing suicide are those (d) — women who (e) — on their husbands for their living. But why do they commit suicide when people love their lives most? Most probably, they decide to kill themselves (f) — they feel entirely helpless and meaningless to live. The bitterness and sufferings of life become totally (g) —. However, the incident of suicide among the self-reliant women is (h) — rare. So, can’t we say that the unfortunate women would not have committed (i) — if they had been self-reliant and had an independent way of (j) — their livelihood without being dependent on their husbands?


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spelling language alphabetic find syllable neglect
noun life synonyms picture friends antonyms

Dictionaries are very important books in the (a) ¾ of a people. A dictionary lists the words in a language (b) ¾ , so that the reader may (c) ¾ them easily. A dictionary entry gives us the accepted (d) ¾ of a word, its division into (e) ¾ , its pronunciation, its origins and its meanings. Sometimes a dictionary also provides (f) ¾ or opposites of a word. In addition, if the word is a (g) ¾ that describes a visible thing, the dictionary may provide a (h) ¾ of it. Dictionaries of the past, present and future can become your teachers and good (i) ¾. Don’t (j) ¾ them.


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joyful eager remain want gift flood invite
amity elders favourite festive delightful shy  

Children are very fond of festivals. They become very (a) — on a day of festival. If it is their birthday, their joys become over (b) —. They become very (c) — to have wishes from their beloved persons. Whole day they (d) — to spend times in joys. Usually a child on her birthday gets up early and tries to (e) — close to her presents. It becomes a (f) — day, if she is presented anything very (g) — to her. Children also want to have their friends (h) — to their house on a festival. They expect to have a party. Their joys give pleasure to their (i) —. We should try to keep the children always in a (j) — mind.


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arrive massive remain spectacular round permanent
know present right symbol office construction

In 1884 France (a) ¾ the United States with gift as a dramatic gesture of friendship. This (b) ¾ gift was in the form of a huge copper statue. Its (c) ¾ name is “Liberty Enlightening the world”. Most people, however, (d) ¾ it simply as the statue of liberty. The pieces of the statue (e) ¾ in the United States in 214 cases. The French people donated the money for the (f) ¾ of the statue. Grateful, the people of the United States collected the funds for the (g) ¾ granite and concrete pedestal. This impressive monument found a (h) ¾ home on Liberty Island in New York harbour. At 151 feet and 1 inch high, it (i) ¾ one of the largest statues in the world. The monumental lady with the torch quickly became a (j) ¾ of American democracy.


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identity pioneer leader man than went combining
student remembered now know then design concept

Hamidur Rahman was the (a) ¾ who gave shape to the (b) ¾ and design of the Shaheed Minar, by (c) ¾ all the aspirations of Bengali (d) ¾ and nationalism. He was the first art (e) ¾ of Bangladesh who in the 1950s (f) ¾ to Europe and studied at “Ecole de Beaux Art” in Paris. He was the (g) ¾ of the new painting movement in the (h) ¾ Pakistan. But he is most (i) ¾ for his remarkable (j) ¾ of the Central Shaheed Minar.


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flood rise climate warmer alarm catastrophically gradual
unnecessarily prediction change evidence destroy severely increase

        The world is getting (a) — because of pollution. Every year millions of people all over the world die (b) — as a result of pollution. In the recent years there have been (c) — reports that the world’s (d) — is undergoing a significant (e) —. All these reports provide strong (f) — that world temperatures are (g) — day by day. Climatologists (h) — that mid way through the next century temperatures may have (i) — as much as 4°C. This could raise sea levels and thereby (j) — coastal areas and farmlands.


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wake obtain expression go till be
moment integral perceive what by use

Language (a) ¾ an important medium of expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. We use it from the (b) ¾ we wake up in the morning (c) ¾ we go to bed at night. We use language not only during our (d) ¾ hours but also in our dreams. We use language to (e) ¾ what we feel and to say (f) ¾ we like or dislike. We also use it to (g) ¾ information. In short, language is an (h) ¾ part of what we do, (i) ¾ and believe. We must avoid (j) ¾ bad language.


  1. BB ’11
appear use at afflict differ city alarm
due pollute severe increase from suffer rural

Many diseases are rising (a) ¾ an (b) ¾ rate, which experts believe is (c) ¾ to increased (d) ¾ of the environment. Pollution (e) ¾ to be greater in urban areas although rural societies too are (f) ¾ by (g) ¾ use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Nevertheless, today city people (h) ¾ to suffer from many more diseases and suffer more (i) ¾ than country people. Now let us see how life in cities is (j) ¾ from that in the country.


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employ importance plan rural poor raise
growth international lend emphasize reduce impact

Micro-credit institutions have a great (a) — in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank in one of them which has (b) — recognition. It (c) — money to the poor especially the (d) — women. It (e) — the need to develop skills and (f) — consciousness among them. It creates (g) — opportunity for rural women. This institution has a positive (h) — on their economic variables and family (i) — . It also helps to (j) — their poverty.


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resources potential create for among likely
fail have returns achievement success from

Investment in education (a)  — girls increases the economic and social (b) ¾ of development investment in all other sectors. Educating girls contributes (c) — wealth through its impact on economic development. Educated women have a higher income (d) — than those who have (e) — no schooling. Educated mothers are more (f) — to send both their boys and girls to school. It is important to realise that (g) — in girl’s education generally results (h) — an integrated approach to community development. Thus (i) — to educate girls results in a tremendous waste of potential human (j) —.


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traditional only no strategy privilege alone
conquer not widespread in development run

In ancient times, education was (a) — for the general people but a (b) — for the chosen few who took on (c) — roles in the (d) — of the state and in religion. (e) — Greece, education became more (f) — in about the 5th century BC. The Greeks, however, sent (g) — their male children to school. When Rome was (h) — by the Greeks, the Romans under Greek influence (i) — a strong (j) — of literacy.


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attitude amply predetermined ordered fate poor
outlook belief undergo hold ordained sorrows

There are many people in our country who have a conservative (a) —. Quite early in life they learn to (b) — that everything in this world was (c) ——. They think all that happens to them was (d) — by God.   From this belief the poor generally accept their (e) —. They also accept all their (f) — and sufferings without trying much to overcome them. They also (g) — a firm belief that those who (h) — sufferings in this world will be (i) — rewarded in the next world. They also have the same sort of (j) — towards illness and disease.


  1. CB ’09
growth wife income cost day to day ability pretty
okay intend astonish share expensive rented  

Hellow, my name is Charles Karoro and I am a banker. My salary is (a) — but the (b) — expenses in Nairobi are (c) — high. Both housing and food are (d) — in the capital. I have (e) —an apartment but it is really too small for   my   family.   Of  course   it   doesn’t   have a garden. So my (f) — Maria, who loves gardening, can’t (g)— anything. She can’t go out to work either because there’s no one else in the house to look after the children. So the whole family depends on my (h) — alone. I have great hopes for my children and would like to send them to a good school. But good schools are very (i) —. I am not sure how much I will be able to help them. Moreover, I am often in a fix about whether I should (j) — my income with my brothers in the village.


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carry provide get essential adopt enhance protect
define needs enable yardstick shelter aware perform

Education is one of the basic (a) — of a human being and is (b) — for every kind of development. It (c) — us to make right choices in life. It (d) — our ability to raise crops, store food, (e) — the environment and (f) — out our social responsibilities. It (g) — us with an enlightened (h) — about things. But education has to be (i) — . It is not merely (j) — degrees from schools, colleges and universities. It is something more lasting, more humane.


  1. DB ’08 n Govt. Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College, Chittagong-12 Æ Faujdarhat Cadet College, Faujdarhat-10 Æ Ibn Taimiya School & College, Comilla-08 Æ Sayed Masud Rumi College, Kushtia-08
friendly beautiful slow pace getting on library charming
easy probably impression simply residence difference

It seems hard to believe that I’ve been in Savar for a whole month now! I promised to write and tell you how I was (a) — . So here goes. When I first got here I just couldn’t get used to the (b) — of life. Now, though I am learning to take things (c) —. I am beginning to feel at home. You can’t imagine how (d) — the university campus is. It’s very large, very green and (e) — the best campus in the country. It’s (f) — wonderful. My first (g) — of the students and teachers here is that they are really (h) — and helpful. And the (i) — is wonderful. As you know, I am staying in a hall of (j) — but life here is so different particularly if you are used to home comforts.


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embrace introduce make remain noticing friend
reputation noticeable keep usual interpret control

The British have a (a) — for (b) — their emotions private. Some obvious things are (c) — in British behaviour. For example, on public transport one passenger does not (d) — talk to another passenger. On meeting, people do not (e) — and often simply shake hands on a first (f) —. In theatres, concert halls and cinemas audiences (g) — quiet during performances. None of these behaviour traits should be (h) — as unfriendliness. If a visitor (i) — the first move to start a conversation, he will find that British people are (j) — .


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prediction global bring extinction undergo action waste
unnecessary pollute avoid temperatures suitable rise cruelly

The disposal of various kinds of (a) — is seriously polluting the environment. The world’s climate is (b) — a significant change. (c) — warming is the cause of the increase of heat in the atmosphere. The climatologists (d) — that it will be difficult to find a (e) — place to live in. Every year millions of people all over the world die (f) — as a result of (g) — . These unfortunate and (h) — deaths are (i) — about by four specific factors. We should take determined (j) — to control these problems.


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device trained about perform essential great abacus
fairly large special recent sense refers called

The computer is a fairly (a) — invention. It has now become an (b) — part of modern life. It has greatly benefited us and brought (c) — revolutionary changes in our life. Any (d) — that helps people perform mathematical calculation may be (e) — a computer. In this sense the (f) — is a simple computer. Today, however, the term, computer (g) — to a special kind of electronic machine that can perform mathematical calculations and process (h) — masses of information at a (i) — speed. In a few minutes a computer can perform calculation that (j) — mathematicians would need years to complete.


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available prevail both find neat collection look
submit take looking be caters appeal  

A library serves as the best source of knowledge (a) — for the students and the teachers. It is a large (b) — of books. Among these there are books on courses that are taught in different classes. There (c) — books on extracurricular subjects also. In the library newspapers and periodicals are also (d) —. The library (e) — to the tastes of different people. Books are arranged in shelves (f) —. There are library assistants who are also helpful for the readers. One head librarian (g) — after the library. So the readers do not have any problem in (h) — out the right book. There is also a reading room where silence (i) —. One can also take books from the library for reading at home by (j) — library cards to the librarian.


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exceptional economic popular common outstanding up
colourful influence passenger useful illustrated have

        The development of railway in the 19th century has (a) — a profound (b) — on social and (c) — development in many parts of the world. This process is (d) — in an (e) — fashion by the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. It is the first and still the most (f) — model of a (g) — train that goes (h) — a mountain. It is (i) — known as toy train perhaps because of its (j) — wagons and its slow speed.


  1. JB ’07 n Sonar Bangla College, Comilla-’16; Haji Lalmia City University College, Gopalgonj-’12 Æ Govt. Akbar Ali College, Sirajganj-’11 Æ Govt. Haji Mohammad Muhsin College, Chittagong-’11 Æ Ahammad Uddin Shah Shishu Niketan School & College, Gaibandha-’09 Æ Barisal Govt. Women’s College-’09 Æ Govt. Swarupkathi College, Pirojpur-’09.
think distress seem develop neighbour familiar
make ensure get mutual communicate treat

        As the world’s communication system is (a) — day by day, the world seems to be (b) — smaller. For the development of communication system, now we can easily (c) — with the people of other countries within a moment. Now, the world (d) — to be a village and the countries seem to be families. If we develop our (e) — understanding and co-operation, we can (f) — our world a better place. We should never (g) — others as enemies but as friends. As a friend we should (h) — immediate help to other countries in their (i) — and sorrows. We should take them to be our (j) —.


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husband consider dominated happy law healthy
protect education issue beat up save subservient

        Women in our society have always been considered (a) — to men. The majority of houses are being (b) — usually by (c) — and women most often have no say in opinion. Their opinion is (d) — unnecessary even in such important (e) — as the number of things they would like to have. In many households they are (f) — by the husbands. To (g) — their rights, the Govt. has introduced law. But (h) — sometimes can’t (i) — them. So what is more needed for them is the proper (j) —.


  1. DB ’06 [Gov’t. Azizul Haque College, Bogra-’16]
shortage evil rapid starve slow primitive
method crops good food illiterate acutely

        Of the fast increasing population most of them are poor and (a) — . They do not realize the (b) — consequences of having so many children. They do not know that they are creating the existing food problem more serious and more (c) — . There is always (d) — of food. Again the mouths to be fed are multiplying too (e) — for food production to keep pace with. The threats of famine and mass (f) — now loom larger than ever before because the population is increasing in geometrical progress. While the food production is increasing in arithmetical progress and the agriculture of our country is still (g) — . They cannot apply scientific (h) — of cultivation in their lands. So the production of food (i) — is very low. Thus the increasing population adds to (j) — problem.


  1. RB ’06 n Ramgonj Model University College, Lakshmipur’13.
indebt touch know age nation understand
nurture future move mother grow educate

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Give me an educated (a) — and I will give you an educated (b) —.” From this saying we can (c) — the great role of mother in building up an educated nation. Because a child usually (d) — up in contact with its mother and from its childhood he/ she develops his/ her talent. If the mother is (e) —, she will be able to teach her children. In another sense, her children naturally will learn from what she says and does. Because a child, up to a certain (f) — is always in (g) — of its mother. So, he/ she will follow everything that is said and done by his/ her mother. Besides, an educated mother (h) — how to bring up and (i) — her children well. So, it is universally true that an educated nation is largely (j) — to its mother.


  1. JB ’06 n Ramgonj Model University College, Lakshmipur-14
eat kind food increase protein grow
call come which use other source

        The ocean has always been a good (a ) — of food for man. But only one percent of mankind’s food (b) — from the sea and most of it is fish. Besides fish, we eat prawns, shrimps, lobsters and whales, (c) — are commonly (d) — fish but are scientifically classified otherwise. There are about 20 thousand (e) — of fish in the sea. We (f) — only a few kinds. We should try to eat some (g) — kinds too. In order to (h) — the sea’s yield of fish, we can start fish farming in the sea. In China, sea weeds are now (i) — for use both as food and as fertilizer. We, too, can take similar measures and make the best (j) — of our water resources.


  1. CB ’06 n Govt. Zia Mohila College, Feni13
think see receive shabby appear astonish
indifferent way invite get rich gorgeous

Einstein was very simple in his (a) — of life. He was (b) — to his fame. Once the queen of Belgium (c) — him to Brussels. When he (d) — down from the train, he could not (e) — that there were actually many (f) — dressed officials to (g) — him at the station. The officers also expected somebody who would (h) — to be (i) — and aristocratic. They never imagined that this (j) — man would be Einstein.


  1. CtgB ’06 n Rajshahi Cadet College13
safe possible develop compulsory time reduce cover
recur belief know direct loss precaution lie

Bangladesh (a) — in the active earth quake zone. It is (b) — to all Bangladeshis. Experts are alarmed by the (c) — of the quakes during recent years. But they give no (d) — answer to the question of (e) — about the buildings of Dhaka city. As there is every (f) —of earthquakes in Bangladesh, experts call for taking adequate (g) — measures to (h) — loses. RAJUK (i) — that an earthquake resistant building code should be (j) —.


  1. BB ’06
mentally educated genius help development equip useful
sympathetic wise improve provides assist self-reliant called

Proper education (a) — a learner with opportunities to (b) — all his latent talents. Its aim is to (c) — him physically and (d) — so that he can be (e) — to himself and to the society. An educated man is (f) — , but he also (g) — others in attaining self-reliance. He is supposed to be well-mannered, kind and (h) — . So a man who has acquired knowledge and skill only for his material development cannot be (i) — a truly (j) — man.


  1. DB ’05 n Doher Nawabganj College, Dhaka’13; Noorjahan Memorial Women’s Degree College, Sylhet’13; Chandpur Govt. College’13; Moulavi Shamsul Karim College, Feni’13; Ispahani Public School & College, Chittagong’13; Jalalabad Cantt Public School & College, Sylhet-’12 Æ Lalmatia Mohila College, Dhaka-’11 Æ Govt. Syed Hatem Ali College, Barisal-’10 Æ Ghatail Cantt Public School & College, Tangail-’09 Æ Brindaban Govt. College, Habiganj-’09.
employment manpower explore provide recreation necessary source
unemployment independence dense across solution concern different

Bangladesh is a (a) — populated country, but a large number of her people are (b) — . It is not possible for her to ensure (c) — to the teeming millions. Self-employment is a possible (d) — to this problem. It means that people themselves should (e) — avenues for self-employment. Facilities for training in (f) — trades and vocations are available (g) — the country. The youths, in particular, can train themselves in any of these trades and turn into a useful (h) — . The Govt. also (i) — easy loans and counselling with a view to helping them start an (j) — earning activity.


  1. RB ’05 n Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur-’14; Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College, Dhaka’13; Naturn Kohela College, Tangail’13; Quadirabad Cantonment Sapper College, Natore-’11 Æ Dinajpur Govt. College, Dinajpur-’11 Æ Satkhira Day-Night College, Satkhira-’10 Æ BEPZA Public School & College, Chittagong-’10 Æ Sreemangal Govt. College, Moulvibazar-’10 Æ Quadirabad Cantt Sapper College, Natore-’09.
incinerators refabricated waste manage extent utilize
environment non-burnable of some rubbish  

We cannot altogether get rid of our (a) — but a proper management of it can certainly reduce its quantity. If we think of burning, burying, recycling and thus (b) — our waste, we can to a large (c) — save our (d) —. Our garbage consists (e) — various kinds of things. Some are burnable, (f) — are (g) —. In some countries waste is destroyed by (h) —. The non-burnable waste is melted and (i) —. Some rubbish is not (j) — at all.


  1. JB ’05 n National Ideal College, Dhaka-12 Æ Govt. Yasin College, Faridpur-09 Æ Agrabad Mahila College, Chittagong-09 Æ Govt. Shah Sultan College, Bogra-07
sense dots see read man using
tips although ability letters way mails

(a) — blind people cannot (b) — , their (c) — of touch becomes far more developed than that of most sighted people. This (d) — was put to use by a brilliant (e) — called Louis Braille. In the early nineteenth century, he invented a (f) — of writing with bearing his name. The Braille system reproduces the (g) — of the alphabet by a series of (h) — in certain positions, which are raised on the paper. The blind person runs the (i) — of his fingers across the pages of the Braille book, and can work out the printed letters and numbers. In this way, he reads the book (j) — his sense of touch.


  1. CB ’05 n Safiuddin Sarker Academy & College, Gazipur-’11 Æ Cant. Public School & College, BUSMS, Parbatipur, Dinajpur-’11 Æ Agricultural University College, Mymensingh-’10 Æ Govt. Haraganga College, Munshiganj-’08 Æ Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College-’08 Æ Govt. Suhrawardy College, Pirojpur-’08.
constrains unusually huge education progress academic standard
increase available affect troubled requisite need facilities

Bangladesh has a (a) — population. Our educational institutions are also few. We have far too many students to (b) —, compared to the number of institutions (c) —. Bangladesh (d) — more schools, colleges and universities to provide for the (e) — number of students. But owing to financial and resource (f) —, the government cannot fund the (g) — number of educational institutions. At present every educational institution is overcrowded and class size is (h) — large. As (i) — in these institutions are poor, the students do not get a (j) — education.


  1. BB ’05 n Cantonment College, Jessore-’06 Æ Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka-’05.
educate recreation religion original though taken consider
aim facilities concern look broadcast sent question

Television, a source of much knowledge, pleasure, and information and a widely used media of mass communication, is now being (a) — at from a different point of view. Is the TV really doing good, especially to the youngsters of our new generation? It is an important (b) — both to ask and to answer indeed. Looked from an (c) — point of view, the TV is to be (d) — one of the most effective means of educating both the students and the public as a whole. Again, it has almost become the most effective and popular means of people’s (e) —. Films, dramas, songs, dances, comedy series-all these are very attractive packages of programmes. As a means of communication TV is, (f) — not the most important, yet the most effective and useful means of communication up to this point. We must say that the TV is doing good to our youngsters by educating them and by giving them recreational (g) —. But as far as the satellite TV is (h) —, we cannot say this for certainty. The commercial package programmes (i) — by satellite TVs are detrimental to our young generation, pernicious to our societies, threatening to our values and traditions and (j) — beliefs.


  1. DB ’04 n Singair (Degree) College, Manikgonj-’14; Mymensingh Girls Cadet College-’12 Æ Amrita Lal Dey College, Barisal-’12 Æ Rajshahi Cadet College, Rajshahi Æ Ideal Commerce College, Dhaka-’09 Æ Cantonment College, Comilla Cantonment-’09 Æ The Buds Residential Model College, Moulvibazar-’08 Æ Bangladesh College Teachers’ Association, Satkhira-’08 Æ Chittagong Public School & College-’08 Æ Jhalakathi Govt. College-’08.
prestige invention education indicate huge contribute research
division treated material promote fame instituted certificate

Every year the Nobel Prize is awarded for outstanding (a) — to the fields of science, literature, economics and for the (b) — of peace. It is the world’s most (c) — prize. If there are more than one recipient, the prize money is (d) — equally among the winners. The prize was (e) — by Sir Alfred Nobel, the father of the science of destruction. He  (f) — dynamite. Though Nobel was born in Sweden, he was   (g) — in Russia. For this important invention, he became (h) — all over the world. He earned a (i) — sum of money. The prize is given from the interest of the money. The winners of the Nobel Prize are (j) — with great respect across the globe.


  1. RB ’04 n Dr. Abdur Rajjak Municipal College, Jessore-11
discuss go happy gossip cook chores trouble
experience bother household please visit neigbour use

Mrs Zaman/Sohel is a housewife. She loves (a) —. She lives in an apartment block. There are five more families in the building. She has an (b) — cook. So she does not have to do any (c) —. Almost everyday around eleven o’clock she (d) — to visit one of her (e) — in the apartments mostly to gossip. Most of the housewives she (f) — do not have much house help and they (g) — this time to cook, clean or do other household (h) —. But Mrs. Sohel does not seem to be (i) —. She does not mind (j) — the personal matters of one family with others.


  1. CB ’04 n Mirzapur Cadet College-’12 Æ Dhaka Commerce College-’12 Æ New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi-’10 Æ Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College-’09 Æ Jhalakati Govt. Mohila College-’08 Æ BAF Shaheen College, Chittagong-’08.
drive without traffic conscious occur come frequent
many through easily know move be go

It (a) — difficult to drive in Bangladesh if you have no experience of  (b) — here. Drivers change lanes (c) —. As a foreigner you may find lane changing (d) — signal quite distressing. Even drivers (e) — defying rules. many people are not at all (f) — about traffic signals. They go around not (g) — what may happen to them if accident (h) — . Rickshaw and baby-taxi (i) — in and out in a zigzag course and try to push (j) — whenever they find some space.


  1. SB ’04 n Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College, Rajshahi-’14; Willes Little Flower School & College, Dhaka-’12 Æ Brahmanbaria Govt. Women’s College-’11 Æ Sreemongal Govt. College Moulvibazar-’11 Æ Viqarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka-’09 Æ Kumudini Govt. College, Tangail-’09 Æ Begum Badrunnessa Govt. Mahila College, Dhaka-’08 Æ Luxmipur Govt. College-’08 Æ Maherpur Govt. College-’08 Æ Firoz Miah Degree College, Brahmanbaria-’08 Æ Nasirabad College, Mymensingh-’08 Æ Govt. Zia Mohila College Feni-’08.
operation nature between computer know mail
difference communication base electronic terminal distribute individual

Electronic mail, popularly  (a) — as ‘e-mail’, is the communication of textual messages via (b) — means. Although telex (c) — is also electronic in (d) —, there are differences (e) — a telex and ‘e-mail’. While telex communication is (f) — to terminal, electronic mail communication is user to user via the (g) —. In telex, messages destined to a number of users are sent to the same terminal from where it is (h) — in a printed form by an operator. On the other hand, e-mail is delivered to (i) — electronic mail boxes (j) — in computers.


  1. RB ’03 n Satkhira Govt. College, Satkhira-’12 Æ Police Lines School & College, Kushtia-’09 Æ Govt Syed Hatem Ali College, Barisal-’09 Æ Cantonment Public School & College, Jessore-’04 Æ Govt. Hatem Ali College, Barisal-’04.
veil knock looking saw sweet live beautiful
trade against thinking indeed perfect perfection dress

Once upon a time there (a) — in the city of Baghdad a young bachelor who was by (b) — a porter. One day he sat in the market place leaning idly (c) — his basket. A young woman (d) — in rare silks and cloaked in a gold embroidered mantle, stopped before him and gently raised her (e) —. Beneath it there showed dark eyes with long lashes and lineaments of (f) — beauty. “Lift up your basket, porter”, she said in a (g) — voice, “and follow me.” At once the porter took up his basket, (h) — to himself, “This is (i) — a lucky day!” He followed her until she stopped at the door of a house and (j) —.


  1. CB ’03 n Bogra Cantonment Public School & college, Bogra-’16; National Ideal College, Dhaka-’14; Feni Girls’ Cadet College’13; Ispahani Public School & College, Comilla’13; Khalilur Rahman Women’s College, Chittagong’13; Sunamganj Govt. College’13; Pabna Cadet College-’12 Æ Police Lines School & College, Rangpur-’11 Æ Sylhet Cadet College, Sylhet-’10 Æ SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Dhaka-’10 Æ Rajendrapur Cantt. Public School & College, Gazipur-’10.
flower job farming raising also rearing many
opportunities engage create oneself easily sectors means

Self-employment means to create (a) — opportunity for (b) — by one’s own effort. Various government organizations are trying to (c) — a congenial atmosphere for self-employment. Different NGOs have (d) — rendered their help. Livestock (e) —, agricultural (f) —, poultry (g) — are some of the (h) —. There are many (i) — for self-employment in Bangladesh. One can (j) — engage oneself on these jobs.


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